Orpheus Ruse (Spoilers)

Does anyone know how to get the achievement for Orpheus Ruse “Romance with an operatic phenomenon”? I assume that is a romance with Emmanuelle, and I’ve been trying a few times but I’m unable to unlock this…

Your affection level has to be high enough. I think the only way to get it that high is to talk to him before possessing him, and be honest about what you’re doing.


Hmm I’m not sure how to find out if my affection level with her is high enough, but I’m still clueless as to attaining her romance… Also, is there only 2 romances in the game? It seems like it based on the other possible achievements shown in the end sequence.

Anyone knows how to save Zev from his bitterness?

@Crax, You insult him, call him a coward.

Does anyone know how to make the world know psychics exist?

@wyrmspawn when youre speaking to the psychic energy entity toward the end he gives you an option to pick to reveal physics to the world or not or to just leave everything as is

And does anyone know who the wildcat romance is?

IIRC A lot of the end decisions require that you do things in such a way from the start. So if you want to reveal that Psychics exist in the end, you have to be blatant in your use of your abilities from the start.

@spacer0ck Wildcat is Annika. Refuse her in London, saying that you like her, but you don’t want to take advantage of her while she’s hurting. Then, after meeting Doone, she’ll try again - accept her advances that time.


Yeah, the Wildcat romance is quite easy to get. It’s the Operatic Phenomenon romance that is much harder to get…

Oddly, I had a much easier time getting the Operatic Phenomenon.

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Wow, really? How or what did you do to get it?

Have high empathy but go to ruin his career anyway. Be nice and tell him why your there then go through with it. Then let him stay and spend time with Emmanuel every chance you get. That’s how I did it, anyway. I don’t know if high empathy matters or not.


It doesnt :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to stop Chloe from screaming at the beginning?

FYI as Paul mentioned, there are a few bugs in the game. A reader wrote in and pointed out a few more, in fact. Sometime late this week we’ll submit a patch to iron them all out.

@Crax: No.

@patera18 Thanks! I’ll give that a try! Just wondering but when you mention to stay and spend time, do you mean that I should change my host body and stay with Emmanuelle when I get the chance to?

yea don’t stay in Emmanuel. Just switch bodies then spend time with him when you get the option.



Here’s how I got Emmanuelle. When you first meet her, be honest with her. Choose to admit that you are out to ruin her, and that you are a psychic. Later, remember to leave her body when you have the chance, so that you can actually romance her!

Then pretty much pick the obvious options which will lead you down the romance path. Unlike Annika’s, be forward with your affections towards Emmanuelle.

However, before all these, make sure your “Trickery” stat is the highest. And betray Siegfried, so you don’t take any penalties to your stats.

And I can’t confirm yet if you *must* to do this (need to do more playthroughs), but I think it’s best to have your host body lined up with your original gender, and preferably be attractive. For example, my original gender is a female, so I choose the host body, Suzanne, also a female, who has a beauty score of 80%+.

Now comes why you need your “Trickery” stat high. William will inhibit Emmanuelle’s body, if your romance works out. Later, after you’ve won the battle, you will only be able to force William out of Emmanuelle if your “Trickery” is high enough.

After that is done, you should get your romance ending.

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Actually, there’s a way to force doone out with any of the 4 stats.

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