Orpheus Ruse (Spoilers)


@Aereath I see… Now I get it, thanks so much! Well, it looks like this run I’ll have to try to have really high Trickery then! By the way, do you have to ruin Emmanuelle or can you get her romance without ruining her? Like you’ll possess her and all that but in the end you choose to sing and perform properly?


You don’t have to actually go through with ruining her to get the romance.


Patch has been submitted. It should be live on Android and Chrome momentarily, Kindle Fire and iOS will take several days to approve.


@P_Tigras That’s good to know, thanks!
@jasonstevanhill Thanks for the update!


will the windows 8 store also get the patch? I know there probably is not a lot of downloads yet for it but love that I am able to play these on my surface.


@hild thanks for asking…I don’t handle that. But I can ask Dan to do it.


Wyrmspawn October 28
@Crax, You insult him, call him a coward.

When I meet up with Zev again, I told him that what he was doing was monstrous, and that I couldn’t condone it. He still stays bitter though. What else do I need to do?


Regarding the “rehabilitation” of Zev, it’s a multi-step process, and each time there’s more than one choice that will work. Basically you’ve got to challenge him, again and again, about how what he’s doing is wrong. Don’t just bring it up once and let it go. Don’t back down or change the subject just to reduce friction. It’s not necessary to fight him, although that works too, just keep making your point whenever you have an opportunity until it’s clear that your words have affected him and he’s chewing them over.


Also people I must buy this game? the demo wasn’t great but seem have great replay value is a game I could enjoy? I don’t know why I have the sensation is a sexist pulp 50 game its true?


@P_Tigras, thank you! I finally got it!


Hey Mara, I really enjoyed it, and for what it’s worth I didn’t notice sexism in the pulp.

I forget where the demo ends, but I think the game takes a while to really pick up steam… so I’d say take the chance, even if you didn’t like the demo.


Who’s Emmanuelle? I haven’t found them yet on my playthroughs. Is there a specific thing you have to do to find them?


Opera singer. (Emmanuel if you like men). You meet her through the crimelord in the catacombs – if you pass his first test (mind-read his boyfriend), he unveils the real test, which brings you to the opera.


all the beauty stat the fact the psionic fighting women was strong is described like is strong even being a women …
The fact women to possess has to be pretty to be efective. I was playing like a woman and capt clearly the fighting psionic it was a trap… i was what a topical game we have here"

But @Havenstone you have right is cheap game so could be wrong if i notice something sexist or a bug or something i send emails to support they where always very nice with me.


Ooookay. I haven’t been able to pass his test yet so that’s why. My mission, should I choose to accept it, (I do) is to find Emmanuel.


Emmanuel seems like a ‘Black Magic’ but more developed and actually understands and continues the relationship if you don’t want have Schmex.


I’m sorry but I have to. Hehehe schmex.


How do you not find your body?


The Beauty stat doesn’t have a big impact on the game. The different hosts each get different backgrounds, and in-game text, and yet the Beauty stat is intended to mark a notable difference on the stats screen, too. As I was writing the game, particularly as I was coming towards its end, I was thinking about stripping the Beauty score out of the game altogether. I still am thinking about that, I guess.

No host, male or female, is significantly more effective because they have a high Beauty score. Sociability plays a much bigger part.


Emmanuel(le)'s more like Ecstasy from Slammed!. S/he is definitely a fanservice love interest, but you’re not railroaded into having anything to do with her if you don’t want. S/he can be a lover, a friend, or nothing at all as you choose.