Orpheus Ruse (Spoilers)

I wouldn’t classify Emanuel(le) as fanservice. While I have no experience with the male version, I don’t recall being continually reminded of the female version’s large breasts or shapely derrière. In fact I don’t even recall the size of her breasts or rear end. If she was a fanservice character, I’m certain it would be hard not to remember those titillating details.

I think Emanuel was a bit of a fanservice, in that the PC basically waltz into their lives and wreck havoc, and they go ‘oh gosh that’s so attractive /swoon’. I kinda got the sense Emanuel was really emotionally vulnerable, and it almost felt like I was taking advantage of that. I daresay that if you met Emanuel in different, less exciting circumstances, they would not be quite as eager to follow you around (that was pretty random, by the way. “Hey, I’m a bored celebrity, can I tag along on your super secret supernatural spy adventure?” “Sure, why not!”.).

I agree that Emanuel(le) was emotionally vulnerable. Despite her incredible talent and success, like a lot of people in her shoes, she doesn’t value what she has, only what she never had the opportunity to experience. Nevertheless she’s far from the first young star(let) with self-destructive urges. And while I agree that we totally had the option to take advantage of her, I don’t see her as fan-service so much as an emotionally vulnerable person whom we can choose to be either a good influence or a bad influence upon. I went the good influence route. She was in desperate need of someone to be her rock, while my character was more than happy to be that rock. So I never saw it as fan service.

I tend to agree with @P_Tigras. I played my MC as an extremely messed up person (I mean the poor MC is basically raised as a child soldier), so I sort of saw their relationship as helping Emanuel(le) put things in perspective a bit. I mean sure he thinks he has problems, but compared to her, his life probably doesn’t seem so bad after all.

How do you get the ‘No Body to Love’ acheivement. I assume it has to do with not finding your body, but I haven’t been able to manage that

I agree with @P_Tigras – I found Emmanuel(le) a credible character, and wouldn’t describe her falling in love with you as fan service.

There might be a bit of oh I’m falling for you because its what happens but it turn into a I actually like you as a person and not some you helped me I helped you lets do it sort of thing.

@Scrivener My take on it is that she fell for you initially because she was fascinated by the the shared intimacy that occurred during your possession of her body, when you shared her memories and feelings, and when apparently she also was able to share some of yours. That sharing was something she enjoyed, and thus she wanted to get to know the person she had shared so much with better.

@Doctor: That was a bug in the last patch. They may have fixed it since.

@Ramidel what bug??

The one I reported, where it wasn’t properly setting the in_london flag when you went to London. I believe Paul fixed it.

@Ramidel , oh, ok thanks

Spoiler alert

How do you force out Donne from Emmanuelle? No matter what I do I fail to do it.

There are a few different ways to force Doone out of his host at the end, but at least one of your four main (skill) stats needs to be high (70+, I believe, though my memory is failing me…). Deadliness or Trickery is probably easiest; it’s possible with Hacking or Sociability too, but in those cases you need to have a high stat AND to have done some specific action since arriving at the Node (for Hacking, check out the Node’s security station…).

Or you can trust doone and he’ll leave her himself, but that’s no fun

Who wrote this game… It’s pretty awesome

what do you mean, trust Donne? It’s frustrating how I seem to lose Emmanuelle to Donne haha. And I agree with Doctor that the game is really good!

@Peeehh , An option after you can’t find a way to force him out is to ‘trust him and let him go’ (not written like that specifically) and he runs off, but Emmanuelle finds her way back to you after he releases her. Sacrificing revenge and justice for keeping her alive…

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I think people don’t realize how great of a game it is, because it’s kinda hard to explain. Psychic spies? Industrial espionage? Kidnapped bodies?

Do you think there’ll be a sequel?