Orpheus Ruse (Spoilers)

I was hoping for a sequel as well this was one of my favorite games released recently.

So, umm… I wrote this game. And I’m appreciating the kind words. I feel warm and snuggly now.

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Any chance of a sequel, Paul?

Just now I’m finishing up another proposal for CoG that, while not quite a sequel to ORPHEUS, does tie in to it. It takes place in and expands upon the setting established in ORPHEUS. I won’t mention more about that just yet - there is, after all, every chance that CoG won’t go for it.

Ok, keep on keeping on!

@PaulGresty: Deadliness requires you to take the right action beforehand as well. Trickery, I believe, is the only one where you can beat him on the spot.

@PaulGresty, what inspired your art work on the “cover” of the game? Was that an interpretation of the body of one of the possible hosts, or just a possibility of MC? When I played through the game the first time, that was my mental image of the airline attendant at the beginning, but I have been doubting that that was who it was supposed to resemble considering if you DID pick her, she was only your host for less than two pages… And that was part of the PROLOUGUE… Or chapter one, can’t remember if there actually was a Prolougue. I know that I spelled that wrong, but whenever I hit ‘suggest’ which is my iPod’s ‘spelling check’ it thinks I hit paste… And the last thing I copied was the entire 2013 DARWIN AWARDS. Already had to delete it from here twice.

Is there a host to increase trickery?

@Doctor- I was wondering that too myself. I have trickery at 63, and I think it’s partially because I choose to be honest with some people rather than lie or tell half-truths. Is there any way to boost it back up?

Edit: Nevermind, it’s because of that stupid bomb thingy when you’re talking to Zev in the abandoned building. Still trying to see if there’s a host that’ll give you a trickery boost.

Is there a way to succes in talk with Yannik (at the beginning, if you inhabit paramedic’s body and went to his house) ?

Eeaargh… I wish I could remember. That whole section is a bit grim; domestic disputes and so on. I think - and I don’t remember for sure - but I think you basically have to get the mother’s partner to fight with Yannick (the player), and for the mother to witness Yannick (the player) getting hurt, or beaten up. That forces her into a position where she defends him.

But I may be wrong. I just don’t remember. Sorry in advance if so.

Thank you, although you changed the names. Yannik was the mothers partner and player was paramedic. I did try to get there with lowest score in fighting and i lost the confrontation. Although the outcome was a little better (but still very unsatisfying) i still get the message “perhaps you’ve failed to understand the complexities …”

Whoops, poor memory. Yeah, that part’s tricky, I guess… I don’t think there’s a ‘perfect’ solution to that, though you can come out of it with a fairly optimistic tone - the promise that things may change in the future.

If I remember correctly.

I decided to replay this. Does someone remember how can we get max espionage?? To that guys Zev get impressed? I looked up and couldn’t find it. :neutral_face:

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Hey, I need help with seizing Node’s power for myself. I have 86 empathy and 99 individualism, 69 discretion. And Node always tells that my MC is creature of chaos, not worthy and all. How do I became the most powerful psychic?

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Were you able to find out how to get “Psychic Marvel”

No, unforunately :frowning_face:

Dang😭,…if you find out please let me know

Maybe we can figure it out together,…walk me through your playthrough and I can do the same and we can go from there