Orpheus Ruse (Spoilers)

I was able to get this ending. You need to have 70 Individualism or higher for starters. In 8th chapter while talking to Ryker you need to choose either:

  1. Your work here is reprehensible. If I can, I’ll destroy your Ryker Foundation to protect anybody else you might try to save.
  2. Your work here is repugnant. I have to end it—by destroying your Ryker Foundation, and by killing you. I’m sorry.
    And in the end Node will say “okay, lets be friends”.

Hey, is there anyway you can find a way to get the achievements “potential” and “kingmaker” from wraths of sentinel and let me know how

From the code it seems to be impossible to get the ‘Truthbringer’ achievement in this game. It requires a discretion of 30 or less, and it seems that the lowest possible discretion (Host body Emilie, all the family arguments, car crash, opera gaffe, bar fight) is 34. I’d be happy if I was shown to be wrong, since this is otherwise an excellent game with a tense, developed plot, emotional depth and originality.