ORPHEUS Ruse bug reports (SPOILERS)


So, been playing through Orpheus Ruse for a bit, and then diving into the code, and I found a couple of minor bugs.

*In Chapter 5, if you go down the Elyssa route, you automatically set your Individualism or Idealism to 99 or higher, when it’s supposed to go up by 8 or to 99. The >= and =< signs are reversed in both cases.

*In Chapter 10, the in_london variable is never set, even if you go to London. This is an important variable, so it should probably be set at the appropriate time.


Did you send a report to the author?


Is there a link for it so I can have a go


Well spotted. I’ve fixed those points. They’ll be working properly in the next patch.


Another bug, is that when possesing angel the drugdealer, both under Annikas romance in the gym, and with the mysthical voice in the end it reflects that you are that gut who killed the people in an acsident instead.