How to complete the romance of ORPHEUS ruse


Hi all I need some help. Does anybody know how to complete the romance of either the singer or the best friend?


It’s been a while since i played, but i remember that in order to complete romance with your friend from childhood, you needed to refuse to sleep with her first time (at the gym i think? you needed to stop at some point and say something that you are not ready, or you shouldnt do it, something along those lines i think) and later when you are on a mission she comes into your room at night and after you talk you spend night together and start/continue real romance.


You have to withold sleeping with her? OK I’ll give it a try thank you.


@Ponku is right about the friend. Turn her down the first time she comes onto you, and tell her how you want more than just a one night stand.

About the singer. Give her her body back and then romance her. If you keep her body too long you won’t be able to romance her. Note that the choices to romance them tend to be concurrent, so by romancing one you lose the opportunity to romance the other. There is an opportunity to have dinner with both from what i recall, but if you do so they block each other and your relationahip with neither advances.