Choice of Romance Achievements?

@OverLordAyame I’ve tried that, but every time I poison him he dies and I am then arrestted for his murder. Is there something I’m doing wrong? My subtlety is always in the 30’s

@Rockstar try keeping your subtlety at 25% that was my final stat when I finished the game. Usually this is done by picking the I am the least subtle person option in the start of the game and avoid raising this stat.

@OverLordAyame I have a feeling you’re right but every time I try and go convince the king of Tomas’ plans, I always fail and die. I think it has to do with the low subtlety. Any tips on how to avoid that?

I have not been successful telling the king about Tomas’s plans. I’ve only been able to defeat Tomas if I choose to research how to break mind control, find out who is under mind control, then try to cure the king (which will not succeed the first time; do not attempt this until after you get the “you’re not my real father” scene).

I am having trouble getting a happy ending (or the Magna Carta ending) with de Mendosa. Whenever I side with him and attempt a coup, de Vega always catches me in the act even if I have high subtle and don’t try to recruit him. Is poison (and getting rid of the king’s other possible heirs) the only way to succeed in this route?

@Estrella I’ve gotten that numerous times. My best suggestion is having high booksmarts AND subtlety. That always helped me. I would also recommend NOT sleeping with Mendosa. It will help keep your reputation high as well

Can anybody please help with the if you stab the king, do not miss achievment? i cannot get it no matter what i do. No matter how low my subtle, the poison always kills the king and im just burned at the stake.

Does anyone know what you should do to get Freedom and Revenge??

I guess I might be too good at scheming, because I’ve never had the game end with Juanita on the throne. It’s always either me as Regent or my sons overthrowing the tyrant (with minor changes depending on who the tyrant is and whether I live to see it). This happens regardless of whether I’m Consort and regardless of whether Antonio is a Life Mage. Even if I choose to do nothing at all about Juanita after seizing power, she just lets it slide.

So…how do I get Juanita into power? These accomplishments that relate to it call out to me.

You should successfully poison the carafe.

I think to get Die Smiling, you have to have a high magic stat and not break his control over the Monarch’s mind (and I think you should break it over his lackeys) and then choose that option where you have to kill him or your family will be unsafe and it should ask you if you’re willing to go through it because it’s such a risk, and then you accept. Something like that, I can’t remember exactly.

I’m missing 2: *Freedom and Revenge and I’m also missing If You Stab at the King, You Must Not Miss . I tried with Subtletly 22 and failed to get it (aka I killed him but got caught) so I guess it has to do with a bad relationship with the Monarch and do I have to let him be unfaithful, too?

Freedom and Revenge: decide to kill Tomas by asking Amadeo… I think it helped that I didn’t burn the thread, and I didn’t try to weaken Tomas by a death curse and obviously I didn’t try to break control over the King. I don’t remember my exact stats, but I know I didn’t have high magic at all and I had high intelligence and subtlety, maybe charm as well… edit: i got it even when i had low subtlety, intelligence at 57, charm at 70. i suppose either charm and/or intelligence matter, but perhaps the stats aren’t important here.

oh, and to get Your Sibling’s Keeper it is not enough just to invite Magdalena and/or Rosa (depending how you played it) over… You should try to have a bad relationship with her (annoyed she’s at court, shoo her away when she tells you about tokens, deny the truth, tell her it’s foolish to inquire about the spell), and I also didn’t employ her but de Vega in finding about the spell, don’t know if that matters (you can do this if you agree that Juanita should be betrothed to Aguilar and asking for a favor, which you can easily prevent by having your family discrediting Juanita, and de Vega doesn’t figure it out edit: but you do have to speak to the monarch in favor of the proposal to Aguilar or he’ll find out).
also, for Pelican, you should be Queen/King Consort and have Antonio be a life mage and have magic stat 50 (edit: don’t pick charm as your best quality because then you’ll have magic at 25 or 70… but perhaps you can gain power or work on your magic prowess to raise it, I haven’t tried that way). If it’s 62 or higher, you’ll survive, and if it’s 25, you won’t be able to save them, I think?

Side note, I’m loving this game more and more. Like, you can’t confess to your family that you killed Magdalena and the whole Torres situation in chapter 2. Letting Lucia actually become a threat, etc. I just wish I didn’t buy the game for my phone because I can’t see the code and stuff :frowning:

If you stab,…: Die while trying to poison the king: I chose a terrible relationship with the king, him being unfaithful, and a terrible relationship with de Vega, I had high magic and charm, I helped de Mendosa so de Vega wouldn’t warm up to me, I poisoned Lucia (don’t kill her tho, I think you might get caught if you do, haven’t tried that yet), used Amadeo to beat Tomas, and then chose to palm the dates, but I don’t know if other options would lead to the achievement, as well. I kept my subtlety at around 17 but final stat was 28 (Aunt Leonor telling you you’re in danger after the whole cooks-carmela thing raises subtlety even if you choose to react angrily, and a good way to lower subtlety is to say Mendosa wanted to show you the structure of the poem)

I have all the achievements now :smiley:

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Huh. Thought I’d go back and check the game out again for the achievements, but the chrome version (which I have for parts 2 and above) doesn’t have them. Also, it’s now displaying a garbage character in place of accented letters. Strange; I’m almost certain that it didn’t do that back when I got it.

I read what someone wrote about the Haunted Mansion achievement but for the life of me I can’t seem to get that one. I can’t seem to get the King to lose interest before the end of the first chapter. Help?

I still need these achievements:
On the Block
Haunted Mansion
Death in the Family
Died Smiling
At Stake
Juanita’s Mercy
Your Sibling’s Keeper
A Little Bird Told Me
Double Triple Cross
Spider Killer
Freedom and Revenge
Think Again Your Majesty
Viva la Revolución
Coup d’Etat
A Taste of Death
If You Stab at the King You Must Not Miss
Til Death Do Us Part
Perfect in Politics, Perfect Together
After All These Years, Happily Ever After
A Crown of My Own
The Rightful Heir
The Heir Presumptive
Magna Carta
Live and Let Die
Walked Away
For My Children

For respectable marriage, you just need to marry Torres

How do you get the Magna Carta and Viva la Revocion achievements? I’ve only managed to seize power by siding with De Vega. Whenever I try it with Don Felix, de Mendosa, and the people de Vega and the king already know about it. How do you get de Vega out of the picture?

how I can kill the king consort without being caugh or killed? every time I try I alwais failed :cry:

Can anyone explain how to get the Honeypot achievement?

Yeah. So for that achievement, after de Vega’s wife is killed in the accident involving the Death rods and he storms into your room to confront you, kiss him when the opportunity arises. Choose to go all the way with him and then when the game prompts you to answer why you slept with him, choose the option that you only did it so he’ll be easier to control. That grants you the Honeypot achievement.

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can anyone tell me how how reputation and points I need so queen don’t kill me ind the end? no matter how I do the game always tell me that I need more reputacion and points with her :cry:

I don’t remember the exact number but your reputation must be pretty high. I’d say aim for a 60 or up reputation score.

It’s tricky because in Book 1 basically doing anything to encourage the King/Queens attention gets you hits to your reputation. But from what I can remember:

  • At the play, act your role exactly as you were told to. Don’t wear or do anything flashy.

  • If you go to tea with Torres, don’t take him off into the Garden.

  • Don’t sleep with the King/Queen. When they invite you to their chamber, don’t even go.

  • If you choose to attend the tourney with the king/queen dress appropiately or modestly.

  • When the king invites you on the hunt and offers you the pretty mount, say you can’t accept it. The King/Queen will press and you’re not really given a choice about agreeing but from that point on refuse any gifts from them.

  • You take a massive reputation hit by becoming the mistress/lover so if you decide to do that, you’ll have to be extra careful in the other two books.

Book II & III:

  • Refuse to aid Gabriel. Working with him will cost you a good chunk of your rep since everyone knows he courted you during your season and will assume you’re having an affair. Alternatively, opposing Gabriel and working with Luis gives you a reputation boost.

  • Don’t wear the sexy red dress/coat to court. The King/Queen doesn’t comment on it anyway, and you get a reputation hit.

  • When de Vega comes to your room to confront you, either remind him of his place or pretend you didn’t notice his slip and send him away. Later when he’s making googly eyes at you, choose to put distance between the two of you.

  • When the assassins enter the palace, do not run to Gabriel or de Vega. The king is already paranoid and seeing you with them does not help.

  • When the king falls ill, either speak briefly with the physician or immediately rush to the king’s side. The third option will cost you reputation.

Those are the big ones that I can remember. My character who made it till the king dies on his on had a total of 84 reputation points. The king straight up told her over dinner that he knew what the court had been saying but he didn’t believe them and after that I got the Til death do us part achievement. I don’t know exactly what the threshold is for the ending but I would aim for at least 70 reputation points to be safe.