Choice of Romance Achievements?

It’s weird, I ran through that a couple of times today and didn’t get that choice. I remember seeing it before though?

I believe you have to have a rivalry with Luis for the game to ask why you slept with him. I just did that scene also when the MC and him worked together to stop Gabriel and otherwise had a good working relationship and it never asked.

I’ll try it out, thanks!

I have a reputation of 80+ and a great relationship with the king but he still executes me :confused:

For both of these you need to help Mendosa bring Death Rods into the world.
So speak positively about the idea to the Monarch, don’t tell de Vega and don’t change to his side. According to your stats you need to change opinions of: Conde de Valdes, the Death Mage, dona Medina, the merchant. If you have high logic aka Booksmart, choose the first option and if your Charm stat is higher then the second one. Be careful with the commander of the army, if you choose to charm him but have low reputation, he won’t be persuaded. You can instead of him talk to the old scholar. That’s how you get Power to The People, which you need to get before being able to get the other two achievements.
I’m not sure if this affects later gameplay, but choose when Mendosa talks about social changes: “Indeed. The nobility deserve a formal declaratin of their rights.” or “You think so? …”

You need to kill the Monarch in a palace coup, recruit de Mendosa, and agree to their writ with either the first or second option and be telling the truth. Then rally the commoners. By rallying the commoners you get Viva la Revolucion. By signing gladly or reluctantly you get Magna Carta.

Before killing the Monarch, I always free Thomas’s lackeys of mind control. And I usually play with high Booksmart, Charm and Subtlety. You get high subtlety easily by playing in a certain way, and also there is a way to improve your booksmart if you choose to impress the Monarch with your knowledge of state affairs.

Another thing, I assume, is your relationship with the Monarch. You must always be on ther good side. So in book 1 don’t talk in court after they make a decision, choose something that will get their attention and then you can specify what it is (charm, comfort, politics), react charmingly when Ricardo is born a Death Mage, pretend you didn’t notice their interest in Delgado, spend some time with them during the hunt (doesn’t matter if it’s to talk politics or to sway them away from Delgado), don’t save the cooks or you can trade them off for dona Carmela, don’t dare to speak against them later, don’t talk to them about Lucia/o but get them a nice marriage or poison them.

I appreciate the help on this achievement, but it seems so fiddly that I’d be making choices to tick a box rather than roleplay a character. I settled for throwing Gabby under the bus when playing an MC in love with the Queen, even if I didn’t get any achievement.

Ugh, I just checked my app and all my achievements are gone. I thought they were stored on my Google Play account, but no such luck.

Hmmm, can someone help me? I just can’t seem to reach three achievements no matter what I do: “Haunted Mansion”, “Death in the Family” and “A Little Bird Told Me”;;;;; If anybody has reached these and can help, I’d be very grateful!

anyone know how to get haunted mansion?

To get the haunted mansion achievement, play the first game in a manner that gets you the status of favorite, not consort (you can be married to Torres if you like, it doesn’t matter). When the choice comes up for “how do you use your status as favorite”, choose wealth. His/her Majesty will tolerate almost anything, but s/he won’t tolerate you being a greedy thot. :slight_smile:

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Does someone knows how to get the “For my children”? No matter how much l play, l always seem to miss this one and this is the only one l am missing and its driving me crazy.

As far as I remember, For My Children is triggered by stopping Juanita from getting the throne. So, Juanita has to be alive, you have to have your sons and you need to survive until the end. She will start to come back as the Queen by right, so you’ll need to cook up a revolution and overthrow her before she gets there. I personally have only reached it by alligning with The Mendoza, giving Death Rods to the people, and then, I believe, not signing the papers to make Ibéria a democracy.

Do you perhaps remember how to get Death in the Family and A Little Bird told Me? I know the latter is triggered on the 3rd part, and I guess the former does so on the 2nd, but I really don’t know, and I’ve done everything I can think about :confused:

I got both of them in the same time, l had a bad relanshionship with Magdalena (l chose all the “bad sister/brother” in the first part and denied the truth to her when she asked about Ricardo) but l still asked her to seek the magic, l had a good relanshionship with the queen/king (while still trying my best to not raise my subtle stats) and Vega hated me (once he let me escape cause he liked me, apparently he can still betray you, but l never got it)

I don’t know if that matters but l also had a good rep, good charms but was as subtle as a rock.

I also asked Ramirez to let Rosa live, ldk why, but all the times l kill her Augustin/a goes beserk on me for killing a child. I also all poison him in his room, otherwise Rosa gets poisoned too or it simply doenst work for me and they all die.

Then l just pretend to be insane and ignore all the opportunities to show l am actually sane and Magdalena ended up sending killers on my way, but l also got the “death in the family” by doing the same everything but choosing to tell the truth.

That was at least how l did it, l hope it works that way to you too.

Ok so is getting a legit life mage child randomized or just really hard to get? I think i got it one time in all play throughs.

Just a quick question, but is it better to wait until the queen dies or should l lead a revolution against her and then against Juanita?

Oh, my… I’m really sorry, but I don’t remember… But I think you can only wage war once, so I guess the Monarch has to die by themselves? Or, maybe, you can kill them, but not with a takeover?

I’m sorry I couldn’t remember more. I might see if I have a save before I started to try for this achievement, which is quite possible, seeing as I tried many times.

Fun fact: I only noticed your name is in portuguese now :smile: my first language is actually portuguese.

If you marry the king/queen in the first chapter and rendezvous with the disgraced life mage Ramirez in the second chapter, your second child will be both legitimate and a life mage, putting him first in line for the throne. Ramirez will ask you to do unsavory things in return, although there are ways to get out of doing them.

What you said has been helpful to me