Til Death Do Us Part

Hey hate to ask this question but what are the stats and choices in affair of the court (choice of romance ) part 3 to become continental queen and to marry de mararosa ( the poet) sorry for killing the name because everytime I play it # SPOLOIRS# I always end up trying to rebel against the king kill him and then get the magical ring from his son ( can’t recall his name) then my son come then I kill the king’s son mine son wins and the end

What happens if you push the king/queen to go with the kid from the play?

If you want to become Queen by deposing Augustin(a), I’d advise getting high scores in Charm and Subtle, and a high relationship with De Mendosa (since you’re going with her). A decent Reputation will help by getting Don Felix on side. And remember to free Tomas’ slaves before you rebel.

Alternately, take Juanita off the board (either kill her or have Antonio as the Life Mage heir), remove Tomas, and then assassinate the Monarch by poison. This requires either freeing Tomas’ slaves or convincing the monarch (high RelKing, which is a hidden stat but you should know more-or-less whether it’s good, and any stat but magic) to eliminate Tomas. Also, it requires a high Subtle stat to poison the monarch.

@vampierkid222: Not much.

I talk again when I did this and thank you :x

How do you poison the king and because I had

83 charm

48 subte (for some reason I had it at 68 then it dropped )

I saw no option to poison him just to rebel and I freed the slave’s mind and got the death rods too

You have to take Tomas off the board before you can poison him.

Also, 48 is not nearly enough.

You probably did things to drop your subtlety rating, like speaking your mind. Eg, in the first CoR, there was a section where you could persuade the audience. The wrong way to go about it would be a speech in front of everyone if you’re trying to stay subtle. Speaking to people quietly without a speech would probably raise it. Of course, doing nothing at all or doing both would do, well, nothing at all. The whispers is barely enough to persuade others unless your charm is high, so yeah.

48 subtlety means you’re known to not cover up your tracks very well, so you would be found with that kind of rating.

Like Saving the cooks could that have also affected the subtlety, could the affair also cause that ?, and I guess maybe I could not talk so much in court too.

Somehow, I managed to persuade the Queen that that guy was evil, and she executed him. That was my best ending, so far.

I’ve done that. It makes sense to do that when you want to take power through other methods than brute force (or when you don’t want to take power at all). Launching a coup after getting rid of Tomas is somewhat redundant, though.

@ricepatrick182: You don’t want to talk too much, too openly, in Episode 1, because you’re young and it’s really not your place. It’s less unsubtle in future episodes, because you’re an established member of the court and expected to give your advice on politics, et cetera. Still, it’s better to work through others and manipulate people than to be direct unless you have to (for example, forcing Ramirez to help you is kinda unsubtle). Also, there’s one path that very few people take unless they know to, in Chapter 2, that surrenders a bit of leverage on the Aguilar situation for a big boost to Subtle and a couple other stats (hidden and not-hidden). Try to find it. (No, I’m not telling you where.)

So in the play you want to follow (Episode 1) what they say and not do your own thing

In the play? Right, subtlety in the play means being a proper Virtue and letting yourself be rescued (and without showing yourself off too much).