Choice of Romance Part 3 - Til Death Do Us Apart - Review and Discussion

While I thought that it was interesting that de Vega could be romanced, I thought that he was far, far too easy. It was frustrating that he just threw himself at the main character so shortly after his wife’s death. It felt jarring. It felt off that he had no scheme concocted. It felt wrong that knowing what a schemer you were that he would offer that sort of power to you. I wanted the option to be able to betray him. I wanted the option to be able to manipulate him. But that wasn’t there. I was forced to either break up with him, or fall in love with him, and that felt extremely false, especially considering the fact I could have been married to Torres and engaged in an affair with the King and broken Mendosa’s heart, or seduced someone to have helped me dispose of the former consort.

I disliked that there were no new female, or gender-swapped romantic interests in this part. I would have liked for Lucia to be romanceable by the main character. I strongly thought that they seemed far more attracted to, and in love with Lucia, then the Monarch did.

I disliked how Mendosa forgot all about their dreams of marriage and was content to be just one lover amongst many. It felt like a betrayal of the character I knew from the first game, with all of their ideals. It didn’t feel like they’d grown or changed.

I disliked how similar de Vega and Mendosa’s dialogue could be.

I’d have liked to have known why he did what he did. I would have liked to have been able to align with him without the mind-control. I presumed that there was nothing physical that happened between the main character and Tomas. I’d need to reread though.

I had lots of little niggles about the game. That said, I did enjoy playing it. I thought it was a good ending to the series. I just wished for a lot more.

@Drazen I agree lol but i see him like my richelieu or machiaveli than a Don after he try to go romance me i was aghh out of my way grandpa!! :-&

@Marajade Lucia is the same age that you were, sixteen, which is legal at least where I’m from. You aren’t anywhere close to 30.

I’m having difficulty pinning down an exact age. I’d have thought we were mid-twenties.

At the end, in Juanita’s ending, after many years, she asks how long until your son comes of age, and you say a couple of months. Sixteen has already been established as that age. That means you can’t be older than 33, in that ending. There’s no scenario in which you’re old by any stretch of the imagination.

if there wasn’t that mind rape. I could romance a pretty Thomas who want rule the world and poison her mother father. he is life Im death our son with rule so what he has to rape me if i could do gratefully with a proper petition.

I even could say him ey don’t have to be a romance darling you are a life mage put magically babies in my belly until a correct one born. my other sons could be send to marry other countries. But i don’t accept a bastard rape me so i do a rebellion and kill him or training him or. The rape part has a bad taste and is cheap is no needed and its terrible explained

fairy i try to say Lucia is 15 16 and our character is 30 in America that’s not legal so problems with apple. The grampa r is the Vega don’t mc lol i say 30 not 120.

Is modern consent law exactly applicable, in this dynamic?

@Drazen nope but apple is paranoia queen it could censure game or put it like mature only for a pederasty complain

@MaraJade A fair point.

Lucia is 16, (Vega does specifically say that). We’re 25ish. The Monarch’s in their 40s? I think 25 and 16 is far less problematic than 40 and 16. We’d be more like the age difference between us and Mendosa in the first game.

Besides, in the first game, there is those huge age gaps. The Monarch, Mendosa and Torres are all chasing after a 16 year old you.


@Drazen: The term for the older lover is “erastes.”

And yeah, Vega was way too easy and too straightforwardly honest in his romance. While I can understand his wife’s death dropping him a few IQ points in the short run, it felt like her body had barely gotten cold before he started looking for a replacement. And not just a replacement, but the Royal Consort, and even then, he wasn’t trying to figure out “how can I spin this to Iberia’s advantage?” Luis de Vega is never presented as evil, but he’s quite Machiavellian in everything but that romance. It reads like someone’s Severus Snape fanfic.

Is the ending with Tomas mind influencing you the only ending? Also when Tomas is basically mind rapping my character and I want to reject him the thingy won’t let me.

@Ramidel I know. I deliberately didn’t call him erastes. His advances did not befit such.

@hollsleslie: You can’t fully reject him, but you can fight back to a limited extent if your Magic stat is high enough.

And there are plenty more endings, including ones where Tomas is brutally murdered.

@MaraJade: I think the point where a sixteen-or-something (forget how old he is) rapes you with magic could set off Apple’s paranoia button right there.

fairy i agree but if you are the old part pursuing a virgin apple become mad its strange but the critics of that are common.No idea why is cool being lolita but you cant play like the teacher? no idea why

@Ramidel Agreed. That’s what I liked about him, that he was a quiet schemer plotting in the background. I actually liked that he wasn’t romanceable. I liked that he was loyal to his wife. I liked that in that first game where everyone else wanted us for some reason or other here was an ally you could make who had absolutely no sexual interest in you. If there was to be a romance, I’d have much rather had it be a slow burning one. Not one that his wife’s dead and he’s immediately throwing himself at you. He never struck me as the sort of man who was absolutely lost without a partner. Then again maybe he did need that, and was willing to grab it with the only friend he had.

@Hollsleslie There’s plenty of different endings and numerous ways you can defeat Tomas. He always gets you with the first mind-influence though.

@Mara: Y’know, except for Tomas, all the potential love interests in this game are a fair bit older than you. So why doesn’t my character, who’s now older and powerful in her own right, have a chance to take her own pretty young thing to bed?

@Ramidel i want my lesbian girl going to bed with her too lol and i want a young male for my straight i want a young pretty boy like lover not grandpa i want a 20 or 18 not 50 myself
edit Thomas is a rapist not a love interest love need consent for both parts

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That’s a good point. It would have been nice if, in the final game, there was a young lover of either gender to get into trouble with.

@Ramidel that i was hoping with Thomas appeared so handsome and then that nasty rape mind think. Why just don’t erase the rape and put a love interest there. Romance the bastard son of your husband wife plot with him betray.Nope a nasty mental rape i would agree without that but i could allow a rapist touch me aghh

Poor Tomas.

Of course, he doesn’t want to be a love interest, he wants to be your absolute lord and master, along with being the absolute lord and master of the kingdom. He’s not just ruthless, he’s a total sociopathic monster.

Has our wicked little assassin girl finally found someone too evil even for her? <3

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