Is Co-developing a Story allowed?

Hello. I am currently working on my first story, called The Oval Office (will post link later from computer) but am having great difficulty coding for the story. The point is, I’m trying to figure out if somebody can write a story and somebody else does the coding for a percent of the profits or another benefit?

Thank you!

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Well, co-writing is not something prohibited. And I believe, stuffs like ownership and profit sharing is up to the writers.

But to make it simple, your story can be submitted only under your name, while the shares is managed between you and your co-writers. CoG simply transfer your shares, and then you split it between yourself and the co-writers.

Edit: after looking at other replies below, I think my suggestion here isn’t a good idea. Feel free ignore it and move along, ppl.

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@Szaal I don’t think it works like that. We have already done a multi-author game (Starship Adventures) and are about to release a second (Lost in the Pages). Basically, CoG requires that each author is paid, so the profits would have to be split.


Our game was co-written. Please do NOT fail to include other authors in your submission if they want credit. Yes, you can split the profits and everyone who contributed MUST sign the contract, but it is up to the authors how they want to divide credit. This is something that any authors who are partnering together should be able to discuss and agree upon even before the game is ready to submit.

I have described this process before, so you may find this thread helpful:

And be careful about looking for other writers and coders. While it is possible to find people to work with creatively on the forums, there are also rules about how you can solicit those services here.


Hi, Spyder, the forum rules include not asking for coders. I’m going to abuse my mod powers to edit out, “If so, how do I find someone willing to help me code my game?” from your original post, because that’s basically asking for coders.

If anyone has come across a magical place on the internet where coders hang out who would love to work on other people’s game ideas, please do post the link here. You can also have a look at to see whether anyone who offered coding there remains available by PM. Otherwise, the answer of “how do I find someone willing to help me code my game” remains: Look within. Only you can code your vision into reality. Edit: or find a Dungeon Master, apparently. :slight_smile:

@adrao and @MizArtist33 have shared great ideas on the broader topic of co-development, so to the extent that you’re interested in how it works, we can keep the thread open to talk about that…