Can we make multiple games???HOW???


hey waths up everyone… im just new here and i was wondering if you can make multiple games and how??? thanks for your answers :grin::grin::grin:


I believe I didn’t get the question. Do you mean if you can publish more than one work in progress here? If so, yes.
Or did you mean can you make sequels to a game? The answer is yes to this too.


If you mean working on multiple project at once, you might want to look at this topic


If what you mean is, “I’ve downloaded the Choicesript program, and I don’t know how to start work on a new game without deleting the old one.” Just download the program again. :blush:


or just make a copy of the folder and just change the files.


Yes. That would be easier… Why didn’t I do that? :yum:


thanks for your answer… you actually answered 2 of my questions :relaxed::relaxed: