Questions: How to make a second game and setting up a game series

I’m not sure if the questions is in the right category or not but I hope it is. It’s two parts and I haven’t had any luck finding the answer.

  1. I finished one game but I wanted to make another one so if I wanted to keep my first game how would I keep that game and create the new one?
  2. One of the games I played was divided up into three parts (within one game) and I was thinking of doing that for one of my games but I wasn’t sure how I would set that up both in the startup file and in for when I code each scene?

Thanks for the help in advance

I’m not entirely sure what your second question is asking. Do you want to know how some writers make multiple chapters? Or maybe how to switch between scenes?

The ChoiceScript game engine will look for your game files in a folder named scenes. So first, rename the scenes folder you used for the old game. Then second, you can create a new scenes folder for the new game.

I’m not sure what exactly you mean by “three parts (within one game)” here, which unfortunately limits my ability to answer. Can you explain in more detail what the other game’s author did to divide their game, how that acted when you played, and how you want your own game to act?

If you meant putting multiple chapters in a single game, it’s actually pretty simple. First, you create all your individual chapters as individual .txt files. Then second, you list all those file names in your startup.txt file, indented under the *scene_list statement. It should look something like this:


Finally, at the end of each .txt file, you add a *finish command. This command causes ChoiceScript to advance to the next .txt file listed under the *scene_list statement. Well, there’s one exception: the very last file should have an *ending command instead of a *finish command.

I hope at least one of these answers was helpful!

You just have to download the Choicescript source again. It’ll download a completely fresh game and leave your original one unaltered.

I think that, once the game is published, CoG/HG sort that all out for you.

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Not exactly sure, but I think they’re talking about a series, but one in which you can only access the second installment by playing and finishing the first game.

For example, Heroes Rise is a series of games, but you don’t actually need to play the first installment first, because each game is the series is published individually. On the other hand, Choice of Romance is a Trilogy, but you can only access the second installment of the game after you’ve finished the first part, and can only access the third part after you’ve finished the second.

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Choice of romance is a only game. That sold on episodes like Zombie Exodus. Or life strange of Tell tale games. That’s why you have play previous chapters to playing the whole game.

Thanks for the answers that helped and @Avery_Moore I was talking about a series of games

Think I understand your question…

Let’s see:

Instruction how to create another game

Step One: Click the + symbol in the top left corner.

Step Two: Click on the + symbol and type in the name of your new game.

Step Three: Hit “Okay”. You’ll see your newest project at the top of all your others.

Instructions for creating multiple scenes within a game file

Step One: Click on the + symbol. This one should be “on the same level” as your newest project’s title.

Step Two: You can rename your newest Scene files (the ones listed as “untitled”) for easier navigation.


Step Three: Telling the Startup File what order it should read your “chapters”.

Go back into your Startup File.
Insert the *scene_list command.
List off your “chapters” in whatever order you want them to happen from start to finish.
Make sure your chapter titles match up in both the Startup File and the actual scene file names otherwise you’ll run an error when you test run your game.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!

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yeah i forget people usually use fancy program choicescript cs I don’t so for me is chinese. Lol i code in phones or simple notepad

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