How do you actually start the programme where you can make ur own game?!?! The website said to go onto web/index but it just comes up with the example. I went into mygame folder and tried to run the programme but it failed. It says: Line:23 Char:1 Error: ‘Scene Navigator’ is undefined Code:800A1391 Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error. Does any of this help?

Firstly, the Scenes folder are where all the, well, scenes are. That is where you write your content.

Secondly, you will need also need to play around with the mygame.js file to set your variables. It is in JavaScript, so you will need to run it in a program capable of reading that format. Adobe Dreamweaver is one.

There is no program to make a ChoiceScript game. You must edit the text files in a text editor like Notepad.

That for the .txt files. I would recommend Notepad++. It is quite neat, in an orderly sort of way.

ah thanks.

How would you make a new game? Also how do you change the title?

Just write your scenes in a txt file and put it in the Scenes folder.

To order your scenes, open up mygame.js. Look for “nav = new SceneNavigator([” without quotation marks. Below there are the scenes order. For example, you have a file called 1, another file called 2 and a last file called 3. How it would look like is this:

nav = new SceneNavigator([


The quotation marks are necessary, as well as the commas after the first file.

You should also learn the commands. Go to the tutorial here:

As for changing the title, go to the mygame folder. You will see the index.html

Open that file in Notepad or whichever you prefer. Then look for “My First ChoiceScript Game”. Or whatever the title is. I can’t remember exactly. You then change it to whatever title you want. Note that there are two instances of this.

But if you were to make 2 games, the first one would be in the index already there, but how would you get the new website file?

If I’m understanding you correctly, then you should download two instances of the files. Then label them however you like and work from there.

thanks for all your help! I think i can do it myself now, but i will post if i have another question.