Multiple Startup.txt files for working on multiple stories at once

Is it possible to create your own startup.txt file or copy the original in order to work on more than one story at once? Or would you have to download a completely new dfabulich-choicescript-7 compressed file and go from there? Completely new to coding so the answer is likely an obvious one but any help is definitely welcome and appreciated.


You just need the new startup.txt

Yes, the easiest way to do this is to just copy the ‘mygame’ subfolder, and rename it when you want to work on that game.

Or you can use one of the tools/IDEs that contain internal copies of CS, making it easier to manage multiple projects. E.g. Chronicler or CSIDE.


So how would someone who has one project they still need to come back to be able to create and work on a second story using CSIDE? Does it still involve renaming the mygame folder each time?

Within the Choice Script root directory, I create a separate file for each project, rotating the files of each as needed when working on them. Of course, I recommend a three (or more) backup system.

If you’re using CSIDE, you can just create a new project and go to town. It’ll keep the new project files in a separate folder, which is how CSIDE parses which files go with what game.

The New Project button is the plus sign next to “Scenes & Projects” in the top left, and it will prompt you to enter a new project name when you click on it. That’s all. (:


You can also have as many projects as you like open at one time; they’ll be automatically sorted for you under the Scenes and Projects column, although you can reorder scenes within a project manually, or the project order, and that will be persistent between sessions.

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This is true but for me to get the new project working, I had to transfer it to my main CS files. The console, quicktest and randomtest all required me to take it from “documents” to the CS files.

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Hm, that’s interesting; I don’t seem to have that happen. Maybe it has to do with which folder CSIDE is set to use as the parent folder for projects? Or maybe it’s something else.

Or…had you run the project? Maybe that might be a factor as well. That’s to say, run it by clicking the little triangle that appears next to the project name; I think a project may have to be running to use the Console (possibly the autotests too).


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You shouldn’t need to move any files at all. CSIDE uses an intetnal copy of CS, so all it needs is your scene files. The game does need to be running for a console to work though (you can’t debug nothing!).