More basic choice script zip

I am working on a few concurrent projects, and regularly have to unzip and create new versions of the choice script folder for each new project. I have a zip file of the choice script master from the website, but I’m looking for something with blank or no scene files. I could probably make this myself, but am wondering if there’s one that is widely circulated. It is increasingly less convenient to have to re-structure the scene files and delete the tutorial text for each project.

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I’ve never seen a blank ChoiceScript zip file floating around the forum but I do think it would be pretty simple for you to unzip, delete the .txt files from the folder, and rezip to use for your subsequent projects. You could also upload it here so it could be used by people who already have a grasp on the basics of ChoiceScript.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the zip, but here’s a dropbox link. Let me know whether this looks okay to you guys.

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There’s no need to create new CS workframe for every project you have. In the end, you’re just editing .txt files found under the .../web/mygame/scenes/ directory, not the entire file of the CS.

Instead, create separate folder containing the .txt files of each project outside the CS workframe. If you want to test one, pop them inside the .../scenes/ folder I mentioned and run the game. This is what I do for my games.

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That’s certainly one way to do it, but I tend to prefer having everything together. I tend to run and play a lot for testing. Not needing to copy and paste and move things decreases the chances of having files in the wrong place, or having duplicate files, or forgetting which game I was working on and replacing over something I’d actually need.

Nothing wrong with doing it that way, but I prefer having everything in a playable state at all times.

I’m not quite sure what it is you’re doing, but CSIDE makes it extraordinarily easily to load/close a project with one click. And if you start a new project, it is completely blank with no tutorial text, etc.

That’s very cool. However, I believe CSIDE doesn’t work with screen readers for the visually impaired, so is sadly not an option. I would love for that to change but until it does, this is the solution that 'seems most useful.

Ah, that makes sense. I’ve made voice-only games for visually impaired people, but that was for Google Home/Alexa, not Choice…

I do know that Mac computers let you “read aloud” anything on a screen, but I have no idea about Windows or people using mobile devices.