ChoiceScript, need help!


K I’m restarting it


Now it says file not found


If you haven’t tried yet:
you can open the file in firefox by opening the browser and thn open the file via the browsers menu

did you move/delete things?


Nope I just tried again and it says the same blank page where the show stats doesn’t work and when I tried to do what you suggested it just shows a blank page


Oh well thanks for trying to help I really mean that i will try again tomorrow. Good night thanks so much :raised_hands::sleeping:


Using one of the IDE’s makes things a LOT easier!


I usually try to be impartial to what tool people use as everyone has different expectations/preferences and abilities. That said this is exactly why things like Chronicler and the ChoiceScript IDE exist. If you’re finding it difficult to even get started with CS, I recommend giving one of them a try. They both contain internal copies of CS, making them pretty much just ‘plug and play’.