Any help to start learning how to code (beginner)

hello guys i tried to check at different posts. i looked for some time but they all seem specific then to be personal reason.i am sorry to create another post if there are any.can someone guide me to posts or software or video.where i can learn step by step. i have some stories in my mind.that i wish to make games and help gamer to enjoy type of games i wish someone wrote for me.i would be thankful for any and all help.

Regards Yash


I would suggest starting here.

At the bottom of that page is the next topic, its how i learned.

You could download the editor cside (ChoiceScript IDE), link in the choice script wiki, and use the interactive tutorial to learn it

Edit: It explains everythin step by step and you can access the code aswell


Definitely start with the tutorial mentioned above. There are some samples of code included there. The best thing you can do is go over the code line by line and make sure you understand the “flow” of the program. That is, make sure you know what commands are executed in what order, and what each one does. Understanding the flow is, from my experience, the key to gaining a basic understanding of how to think like a programmer.


This guy covers the basics in his videos.


I’ve found that the ChoiceScript Wiki is a tremendous help with commands, syntax and how the language works.

Luckily for us, ChoiceScript is high-level (easier to understand) and is already quite readable even without any knowledge of the language. If you’re having trouble on the basics of programming in itself, I’d recommend you look into algorithms, pseudocode syntax and perhaps Python as well.


This master list help me lots, be learning or re-learning to code. It also covers other useful links provided by the CoG forum members.


thank you guys.i have no idea at all with language or coding. so i just follow like a blind man.

i tried different word office and did not find any that shows number in left side in office.i tried like master word perfect. can you guys advice me any.thanks

Programs like MS Office (and other office things) are word processors. What you need is a text editor.

Programs like Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime Text, and Atom.
But I’d recommend CSIDE instead, though. It’s a modified Notepad++, optimized to work with ChoiceScript. And better yet, managed by the community at here.


Sorry @Szaal, I just need to clarify that CSIDE is actually completely unrelated to Notepad++. All your other points stand though :slight_smile:

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Normal notepad doesn’t has numbers or say digits on left. Tutorial said it should have numbers. So i ttied to download 350 mb apps. But no numbers. Now there are more for 2 gb but i don’t know if i should lol

Well, no one uses normal Notepad anyway :"
But I don’t think such applications cost you such a huge memory, though. You’re not downloading a language-compiler-IDE afterall.

@CJW Whoops.
All this time, my life is one huge misconception ._.

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So cside works well? Everything in there? Thanks

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Using either of the two main development tools — ‘Chronicler’ or ‘CSIDE’ — makes things easier as you don’t need to download your own copy of ChoiceScript, nor will you have to keep it updated in future. - from the wiki

Is there anything about coding efficiency? I was curious because it was mentioned on another topic about CoG and HG titles and their word count, and I wanted to know the advantage or effect of coding efficiency and what that would look like.

Indeed coding efficiency is a thing, but since CoG/HG is nowhere like those VNs/RPGs, it doesn’t really matter a lot.

At most, it helps you to manage your game efficiently and fix any bugs easier and faster.

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