Is Vendetta okay?

To clarify: this isn’t a post asking about the game Vendetta, but rather our beloved long-time forum member. I understand that real life takes priority, but I am concerned about his absence on the forum. Does anybody know if he is okay? Apologies in advance if this is too personal of a topic.


Perhaps the best way to find out is for you to send them a message through the forum. If they have their notifications set up like I do, it should forward the message to their email.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I mean, there’s always a chance that he got kidnapped, killed, or stranded on some desert island with no internet, but I imagine it’s more likely that he’s just taking some time away from the forums to do other things. I know I personally can disappear from forums for several months before poking my head back in to let everyone know I’m still alive. :yum:


This is great news! Thank you so much.

Apologies for the belated reply; been a while since I last logged in. Thanks for your concern–happy to report that I’m still very much alive and kicking! It’s been a bit of a bumpy road but such is life.

I have in fact been beavering away for the last few months (thanks in no small part to the wonderful concept that is CSIDE), and just today posted a news update to Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster’s Facebook page.


It’s great to hear from you Vendetta, your story was one I was looking forward to for a very long time and it seemed to me the game had died. I’m very happy to hear you able to work on it again. Best wishes and good luck and I’m looking forward to reading it again!


Hey, it’s really awesome to hear that you’re okay! Vendetta is an awesome game, and the fact that you are continuing to work at it is amazing news. Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing.


Thanks guys, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

FYI I’ve just posted to Vendetta’s Facebook page the second in my planned series of News Updates detailing all the latest changes in the development version of the game. This time I waffle on about the New Business Opportunities section, which is a significant expansion of the ‘Weekly Events’ side of things–and one of my personal favorite new bits.

While I won’t be starting an actual WIP thread until I upload a new working Public Demo to dashingdon (likely a few weeks away yet–that link will take you to the 100k-word old Public Demo for Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster) if anyone has any questions about any of the new stuff mentioned in the News Updates, feel free to ask here and I’ll do my best to clarify or elaborate.


Oh boy. There I was thinking Vendetta was going to revolutionize CS games before these updates…



So happy to see you’re still with us man, as is this astounding world and characters that you’ve created! I’m following your progress on FB as well, and I’d love to continue being a play tester for you if that’s something you’re looking to keep doing! :grin:


Good to see you active again!


@Vendetta Holy Caponi hell. I just found out you’ve returned, and actually just finished reading both news updates on Facebook.

Words, in any language, cannot express how happy I am to hear all of this. It seems the game is going to be it’s former self on mega-steroids, and that…just makes me ecstatic (I thought the old version of the game was already god-tier!). This, in all seriousness, looks like, if it becomes complete, the ultimate Roarin’ 20s period piece. I’m honestly baffled. Please, if I can aid the testing in any way, add me to the “Cult-Level Subjects” section of your list.

For real, so far, I only have one concern: are my beloved Twin Pistols still obtainable in the game, Boss? They’re my babies, my security blankets. Every Gangster needs his signature weapon; mine is both, besides my brass knuckles.

Speaking of which, will we be able to obtain other melee weapons? Don’t get me wrong, as a devoted Black Hand member, I adored getting to start out with a nice set of some good ol’ knuckles, but, like, where’s a sawtooth when you need one?

So, yeah. Thank you for realizing the potential of your game and deciding to continue put in all that grueling work to make it even bigger and badder. I can’t imagine the time you devote to this. At this point, I’d say it’s your baby. Godspeed, amico.


Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Well, you do get to use a baseball bat now and then, and the Veteran Soldier now has a very nasty Trench Knife to play with (Boardwalk Empire fans will know why), but you should probably just stick with your knuckles and twin pack… Far more impressive!

There will definitely be a final intensive beta at some point, as there will no doubt be lots of balancing and tweaking required before it’s actually fit for publication.


Let me know when and if you want your old beta testers back. Hope you open that new thread soon though, cause I’m a bit of a digital dinosaur when it comes to social media. Then again I don’t much care for “social” media either.
Great to see you back though.

Nice new update on business opportunities by the way, though i’m still most excited about getting a stake (and by that I mean one of 100%) in the cool, gay, club Adamo can take us to and which you have now (unintentionally) been dangling in front of me for years now. :grin:

I also see you allow for female characters now? Won’t that take away from the original vision a fair bit? :thinking:
Then again you did always allow for gay characters, which is, arguably, an even bigger departure from the cultural norms and views of the time-period and both women and gay guys were of course a very active, if largely invisible to the public, part of most criminal organizations, including the Mob in the prohibition era US.


Much like the issue of female characters in Battlefield 5 has nothing to do about “historical accuracy” I feel including the female option in a gangster/gangland game is not the real issue. Besides the fact that gangs and gangster stuff in the US included females from as early as the 1800’s, the original vision of Vendetta I always thought was to reflect the makeup of his audience in exploring the roaring 20’s experience of criminal life.

45% (according to the BBC as of yesterday) of the general population of gamers are women and most companies in this market think it is better to reflect that reality then offend a shrinking minority that continues to focus on the past bias and erroneous beliefs.

I commend Vendetta and the rest of this community - you are leaders of the gaming industry in continuing to provide experiences that reflect their entire audience. If Assassins Creed can evolve from having 4 playable male characters in 2014 to having both male and female characters on an “Oddessy” type of journey, our community can do even better … and does.


I hate the historical accuracy arguments and I won’t make them, that said having now read the Facebook posts I am now happy that Vendetta has chosen the more difficult but also more worthwhile path of accommodating both genders the hard way, with separate scenes where appropriate.
Really it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction from me and I was a bit worried about losing the specifically male and gay stuff, such as the barbershop, street-gang and gentleman’s fashion/tailor scenes, along with Adamo (my favourite) as an ro and the gay club business opportunities in favour of an enforced bi and pan-sexual (“one size fits all”) approach to things. Which would have made Vendetta more similar to Lucid’s modern-day gangster work, but I like Vendetta’s style and narrative a fair bit better.
I am glad that does not seem to be the case and the the masculine and even gay flavours that were there will still remain alongside the new feminine and presumably lesbian ones.
Quality gay content is even rarer then content for (straight) women, so I don’t like to lose any of it, as for me, unlike my straight counterparts, it can often mean going from one to zero quality (non-stereotypical) gay characters in a work, instead of going from 37 to merely 36.
It goes without saying from all this that I did and do consider Vendetta to have the potential for quality gay content.


I’m sure Vendetta will have multiple paths open for both straight and gay/lesbian for both … he is very detail orientated in that regard - it might be harder for him without our support but with the community’s support I’m sure he will be able to accomplish his vision - vision for all of us in his audience. :two_hearts:


With the ambition and sheer enthusiasm Bob’s been showing, I’m sure the oppurtunities we want will all come to fruition! After all, when ruling the underworld, all that truly matters is your ability to stay strong.

Aw, thanks, boss. The right one’s Gina…the left one’s Billy.

…I don’t have a name fer mah knuckles, though. Maybe Godfather’s Regard? I dunno.

In all seriousness, I had another inquiry: just how deep into bootlegging can we go?


:smiley: The Opportunities system won’t detract from the ‘main story’ in any way, no. In some ways it actually adds to it, by introducing more characters able to make cameo appearances in the main story, or even be the cause of a whole new sideline story (‘Mary Nightingale’ in the example ‘Spotted’ Opportunity posted to Facebook earlier today is one such, for instance).

As for The Adelphi Club storyline, it remains intact, outright ownership is still the main goal there (well, eventually…), and it, too, can be improved / made even more profitable as a result of certain Opportunities.

Not while I have any say in the matter, no! A huge portion of the game had already been written before I decided to “reinvent” Vendetta, and the bulk of that remains unchanged in any way. Indeed, I’m so set in my ways that I still first write an entire scene in the game from a male character’s perspective, and then afterwards edit accordingly to add conditional narrative where it seems necessary / more appropriate. It’s probably a failing of mine, but I really have to focus on first one, then the other, otherwise it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right to me… if that makes any sense?!

I like that. :sunglasses:

Very deep, is the simple answer (well, this is the Roaring Twenties!). In fact, the very first ‘Fixed Opportunity’ you are now presented with (at the end of the very first week) is the option to buy a failing local Ice Merchants business, just so you can have immediate access to a fair-sized warehouse in a walled yard… It’s just the first step. :wink: