Where is Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster

What happened to Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster I only see the demo online and not the full version

Their is no “full version” he only put up the demo.

He quit halfway i am pretty sure, probably some real life problems came up.

What happened was that he took development to a Facebook page because this forum had a few monkeys flinging stupid crap at him and he finally got sick of it.

I don’t know the current status.


It’s gratifying to see that Vendetta has not been completely forgotten. :slight_smile:

I do still lurk in the shadows from time to time, I am still coding / writing when life permits, and I do have every intention of finishing the game and hopefully one day seeing it released. It may however (CoG willing) end up as a Trilogy rather than a Tin Star-sized single epic, and with several months between each subsequent release so I can take feedback into account.

I do still have the mailing list of around 90-100 potential beta testers who’ve signed up here in the past, and with what I can salvage from those I still intend to run a closed beta test when the time is right.

No ETA, no firm promises, and no definite timetable - just a general statement of intent.


Vendetta will not be forgotten Anthony Luciano will not allow it :-p

I was under the awful impression for a long ass time that RoaG would never see the light of day.

I’m sure I’m one of many whose glad to see that isn’t the case. Don’t worry, Vendetta, I’ve been waiting about two years for Vendetta to come out, I can wait a few more. :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad to see Vendetta isn’t dead yet!

I remember Vendetta had the best save system on COG (even if it was, unfortunately, only designed for the beta).
If this is going to be a three part game (just for the first one, discounting the putative sequel, Mob Boss, assume) I sincerely hope COG will let you use a modified version of your custom save system instead.

Vendetta glad to see that you are still writing hope to play the full game in the near future

I’m still anticipating this.

i was starting to give up on your storygame, the demo just kept cutting me off at random points in the storygame, it was very upsetting for me because i enjoyed how it pulls the reader in.

Thanks guys, much appreciated. :blush:

@zeke Very puzzling - PM sent!

Anyone else have any problems with the demo as it stands? -


@idonotlikeusernames It’s not very likely, tbh. Vendetta’s beta save system has features intended specifically to make beta testing easier (e.g. ‘cloning’ your character at a specific point so each clone can head down a different main route for easier / more thorough testing) and which were never intended to be a feature of the final version. Indeed, the only feature it has that CoG’s “finished game” save system could probably benefit from would be the ability to delete old saves.

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Would you be willing to accept one more closed-beta tester? I’m willing to beg really, really hard… puppy dog eyes

This is also my first post! Hi everyone!

@BraveLance Welcome to the forum. :smile:

Sure, anyone interested in the beta is more than welcome to PM me their email address and I’ll happily add it to the list. Likewise, if you signed up ages ago and may have changed your address since then, drop me a note and I’ll check / update the list with your new one.

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Count me in for the beta test too then, I loved playing the demo and will happily do some testing for this game :slight_smile:

Me beta, posted it you Facebook private message. Been waiting for beta for years already

Do sign me up for the beta man i was like one of the first wave

So so so so so so glad to here Vendetta hasn’t been forgotten. I’d cry myself to sleep for a week! Still waiting patiently for the golden day in the future, the day it’s finished and I get to play the full game :smiley:

So glad to see you back! And, that you’re still working on Vendetta :smiley:

put me in the beta too please i beg of you