Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster - Carina Discussion

Post here if u wanna talk about the Carina Scene and the Discussion about it.

*Changed the title.

I’m Cool with that

Yes please, not all of us wants too see walls of text where three maybe four people debate about things I think most of us didn’t really care about until it became so highlighted.

I like the new thread title better too.

Hey, guys… honestly, like I said last textwall, I’ve said what I think needs to be said on this one, and was fine with P_Tigras having the last word. I was trying to wind things down on the other thread and get back to writing my own game, which has taken a hit with all the forum posts I’ve been making lately.

So carry on… but I’ll be trying to stay out of it for now.

Am I the only person who finds the name ‘Carina’ familiar?

@Canisa No, I thought the exact same thing. Although, it doesn’t seem V’s style to me.

You never know, reaper, you never know.

As far as I’m aware Carina has been called that since the beginning so I think its coincidence.

@Nocturnal_Stillness Thanks for pointing that out, didn’t even think of that. Took a look at the old thread, and the first mention of the name is very early (link to the first post where the name is mentioned is below). It seems virtually certain that the name was picked out before he even posted up the game.


You’re welcome

I was all set to agree to disagree with Reaper when Haven just had to put up yet another highly eloquent and eminently reasonable post. So of course I just had to reply. I’ve enjoyed this debate with Reaper & Haven, and actually find myself a touch disappointed to be given the last word.

@Havenstone, I was at least hoping you’d reply with your thoughts on Lucinda’s situation in comparison to Carina’s. But if you’d prefer to get back to working on your game, I can certainly understand that.

@Canisa and @Reaperoa: I would kind of expect a revenge-by-pen character to be less sympathetic than Carina. I thought she was clearly written to gain the reader’s affection. Vendetta’s guiding idea of “realism” offers the protagonist the choice to do horrible things to even sympathetic characters, but I believe him when he says his intent was to make the reader feel vaguely shitty and uncomfortable for making the wrong choices with Carina. All the narrative “rewards” come from rescuing her and romancing her.

Of course, gendered rescue fantasies have their own pitfalls. :slight_smile: But yes, if this really were an “Asinac” character, I’d expect more signs of hostility and caricature, and (at the most reprehensible extreme) some indication of actual satisfaction at doing horrible things to her. Personally – and to my relief – I don’t see any of that.

@P_Tigras: I’ve not read any of the other bathhouse attendant stories, after finding Carina’s so unpleasant. But I’ll respond to your depiction of the Lucinda character at some point. First, though, I’ve got to hit a couple milestones in my game. :slight_smile:

Thank Me For MAKING This THREAD!!!
P.S. Sorry about that, i was having a Kanye West SUPER-EGO Moment.

@Havenstone Doesn’t matter either way, it appears that there was no influence there. Sorry to cut that line of discussion short, but I feel that anymore discussion about that, unless it brings new information to light, may tread dangerously to just stirring the pot. (Not saying you said anything wrong Haven, just wanting to nip it at the bud.) If someone really wants, we can create a spin-off thread about it, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

@P_Tigras I agree that it’s nice to have a good debate were we can strongly disagree but still remain cordial. One thing I’d like to point out though. I never said that she couldn’t consent. I said that she didn’t.

@Reaperoa Feel free to comment on Lucinda’s situation as well, and whether you consider that rape or consentual. Just like Carina she doesn’t want to be a prostitute. Just like with Carina, the alternative was so much worse that she felt she had no choice but to become a prostitute. Unlike Carina she isn’t a virgin who dreams of saving herself for her wedding night. Also unlike Carina, she exhibits no fear or discomfort while you’re her client.

BTW, I encourage you to play through her scenario if you haven’t. It’s one of the more interesting ones, both at the bathouse, and later. If you pay off her debt for her, she becomes available as a long-term love interest.

@Zed: thank you, Zed.

Thank you

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