Web index keeps loading in google chrome

So I’ve recently tried to access the zip file so I can start yknow making my game but every time I try and run the web index it opens it with chrome even though I’m using Firefox and it’s just really frustrating and I don’t know what to do

Instead of double clicking, use right click and select open with --> firefox. Hope that helps!

Your default browser is set to Chrome. Drag and drop is your best bet.

It’s your default browser. If you develop enough, it might be worth changing your default. You can change it in your system settings, or more easily, you can go to preferences in Firefox, and there should be an option to change it near the top.

You can also use CSIDE, which is an IDE developed specially for making choicescript games. You can play and test the game inside it so you don’t need to fiddle with your browser at all.

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I was finally able to get this figured out! Thank you guys for the help!