Game not loading when testing with Chrome

Whenever I load up my game in chrome to test my coding and I press next, it just keeps the loading bar at the bottom and will not progress.

Any one else experiencing this, help would be very appreciated.

Download Firefox. For testing games Firefox is the only browser we support.

Additionally, Chrome is specifically not supported for technical reasons (IIRC, the problem is that it refuses to run JavaScript locally.)

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Well I use a chrome book and i downloaded a program onto chrome since originally on the chromebook you can’t just open pages. It has worked for testing so far but now it gets stuck in perpetual loading.

There are some hidden options/flags you can set to allow JS to run locally in Chrome. I won’t go into detail here but google should be able find it for you.

EDIT: Just remember to turn them back off when browsing properly again.


This is good to know. I’ve been using Edge (barf) to test ChoiceScript in and it’s a pain.