File keeps trying to open in chrome for some reason

I’m having trouble with… going from one scene to the next.

The error I’m getting is:… chrome doesn’t support Choicescript, even though I’m working in Edge.

My code looks like this:


Are you trying to open your index.html file? If you’re working on PC, right-clicking the file and selecting “Open with…” will allow you to open it in a different browser.

Allow me to explain exactly what’s happening. I created a new scene file in notepad and in startup.txt placed it behind startup. I then tried to open the index.html file using Microsoft Edge and it loaded up fine. It played normal until it got to the new scene I had created at which point I received a pop-up message saying “This site says… We’re sorry, Google Chrome has blocked ChoiceScript from functioning. (“file:” URLs cannot load files in Chrome.) ChoiceScript works just fine in Chrome, but only on a published website like For the time being please try another browser like Mozilla Firefox” This message keeps popping up in the same place unless I take out the scene despite the fact that I’m not in Chrome.

For starter, it’s recommended to use Mozilla Firefox as local-testing browser.

Can you elaborate this “placed it behind startup”?

It says so right here:

(We strongly recommend using Firefox for this test; in particular, Google Chrome won’t work due to a security bug in Chrome.)

I know, it’s pretty annoying. Chrome is my browser of choice as well, but they have some quirks in how they deal with JavaScript files, and that makes things technically complicated.