File won't let me open in Firefox

Does anyone know how to convince my web.index/html file that it’s supposed to open in Firefox, not Chrome? My computer isn’t letting me do the usual right-click-run-as trick, it’s only giving me the option to open or delete. I’m on Windows 8, if that makes a difference.

Is Firefox your default browser? If not, try doing that.
If all that not works you could try to copy the link from Chrome and paste it in Firefox or maybe delete Chrome?

easy. go into firefox, click “open menu” in the upper right. You should see things like inprivate as the default. If “open file” isn’t there by default, customize the menu and add it. Once that happens, you can just pop open the menu, and click open file, then select your index.html file when it asks what file.

Thank you, PORT3R! I ended up having to do it that way, and it worked. :slight_smile:

Now it’s telling me it can’t find the file–anyone know how to fix that? (I may just commit computer-icide soon…)