Terminal says ant not a valid command?

Hey, sorry to bother you all:

I’m having trouble getting the testing apps to run on my Mac. I think I’m following the instructions correctly, but I must be missing something.

I opened Terminal on my Mac.
I cd to the folder where the choice script files are.

I tried typing ant quicktest and it says
ant: command not found

Here’s the copy from Terminal below.

Williams-MBP:~ pandaportable$ cd /Users/pandaportable/Desktop/dfabulich-choicescript-7c0a4a6
Williams-MBP:dfabulich-choicescript-7c0a4a6 pandaportable$ ant quicktest
-bash: ant: command not found

It’s probably a bit easier to do the autotests on Mac through Firefox. If you look in your ChoiceScript folder, you’ll see quicktest.html and randomtest.html. You can open them in Firefox and run the autotests that way.

Should be hereabouts:

(Click on the image to see the entire thing.)

Another, even easier way, if you fancy giving it a go, is to download CSIDE. You can run the autotests from there with just a keyboard shortcut (and there are heaps of other useful features, too).

And, if you like, more info on the ChoiceScript wiki.


Thank you! Running them with Firefox works perfectly!