What is the command for running a quicktest on Terminal on OSX?

Hello all! I am very new to ChoiceScript (As in I just started two days ago) and I was wondering what the command was for running a quicktest on Terminal on OSX. I was able to get into the directory where the build.xml file was, but when I ran the command the tutorial told me to put (ant quicktest) , but it kept giving me the error message that it wasn’t a command. I’m probably going to seem stupid when I figure out how to do it, but hopefully you can help :slight_smile:

I believe you’ll need to install Apache Ant first. Alternatively, you can just run the html versions in your web browser.

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Okay, I found the html versions, but it keeps giving me this error

ERROR: couldn’t open web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt

Nevermind! I was using Safari, so it wasn’t working. Thank you for the help!!

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