ChoiceScript, need help!

It looks like you have a fresh copy of choicescript.

I opened a fresh copy and went to my stats screen.
It should look like this:

ok im just gonna shut off my computer and try and get this to work

You don’t have a chromebook, do you?

K I’m restarting it

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Now it says file not found

If you haven’t tried yet:
you can open the file in firefox by opening the browser and thn open the file via the browsers menu

did you move/delete things?

Nope I just tried again and it says the same blank page where the show stats doesn’t work and when I tried to do what you suggested it just shows a blank page

Oh well thanks for trying to help I really mean that i will try again tomorrow. Good night thanks so much :raised_hands::sleeping:

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Using one of the IDE’s makes things a LOT easier!

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I usually try to be impartial to what tool people use as everyone has different expectations/preferences and abilities. That said this is exactly why things like Chronicler and the ChoiceScript IDE exist. If you’re finding it difficult to even get started with CS, I recommend giving one of them a try. They both contain internal copies of CS, making them pretty much just ‘plug and play’.


I need help in choicescript. It keeps saying “choicescript_stats line 3: Non-existent variable ‘strength’” or so on it says that with ALL my stats or relations that i set up. Can someone help me. I keep spelling them both right but i still am somehow not getting right. I keep making it like this: in the startup: *comment Stats
*create strength 30
*create agility 60
*create diplomacy 10
*create intelligence 10
*create stealth 30
*create leadership 20
*create movement 30
and like this in the choicescript_stats:
percent strength
percent agility
percent diplomacy
percent intelligence
percent stealth
percent leadership
percent movement
In relations I keep having the same thing happen…in startup:
*comment Relationship Stats
*create Cole 65
*create Buddy 50
*create Chuck 50
*create Father 80
*create Mother 80
*create Tommy 0
*create Rose 60
*create Rana 30
*create Eastana 0
*create Viko 0
*create Jarrana 0
and in chociescript_stats:
percent Cole
percent Buddy
percent Chuck
percent Father
percent Mother
percent Tommy
percent Rose
percent Rana
percent Eastana
percent Viko
percent Jarrana

what am i doing wrong?

Try rewriting the variable, sometimes it happens bcoz sometimes it can look the same, but can be different

Thanks, I’ll try it.

It doesn’t work. Do you know where I can get help else where?

Hmm, I’m not sure if what you wrote in your post is exactly how you wrote it in your txt file, but if it is you could consider two things:

Did you indent the variables in the stat chart by 2 spaces?

  percent cole
  percent buddy

Best also to keep the upper and lower case in your variables the same in yiur startup and other files. E.g. “Movement” or “movement”. I also dont think you need the “*comment Stats” and “*comment Relationship stats” lines in your startup (the commented out portions of a file do not get seen by readers so i’m not sure if that’s what you intended?)

Haha anyway I’m by no means a hugely exoerienced coder :stuck_out_tongue: best of luck!

Can you send the Code in the preformatted text?
Select the code and select </> in the option.

What do you mean by preformatted text?


They told you before, @Moloch… doing it that way will keep the indents displayed, which is the most common source of errors.

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My bad I didn’t see your message but as havenstone said do that.