Two story files?

So my issue for today is this. I’m writing one story right? What I’d like to do is not necessarily put one on the back burner but just have it where I can work on two different stories without the files getting mixed in with one another.

Just make a copy of your choicescript folder and give each folder an appropriate name.
Your stories should be complete separate.


If you use CSIDE you can have several different projects and easily manage them without overwriting each other.


Thank you that probably should have been obvious.

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Okay so I can’t get this to work and as a note I do use notepad ++ but essentially I made the copy i.e.

it’s the bottom two btw
anyway one updates the other like they’re one and the same I’m not sure if I’m just doing it wrong but essentially I copied the original and pasted it to my flash drive and now I’m stuck. I can’t have both open at the same time I presume because they think they already are but this goes for the notepad as well as firefox browser, any help would be greatly appriciated.

Are you opening each folder’s scene files separately in notepad++? Because if you completely created a copy of all the choicescript folder and each has their own separate text files, then this shouldn’t happen.

You are probably opening the same file twice in notepad++ or something?

And why don’t you try CSIDE? It can manage multiple projects at once.


idk i dont have a drop box seemed like a pain to make one

Dropbox? You don’t need that when you’re messing with files locally on your computer. If you want to upload WIPs just use

If you are talking about CSIDE, like the post states a Dropbox account is just for the web version. You can simply download the desktop version and install it.