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I have searched the forums and did not find a way to know the word count using randomtest. All I found was that randomtest could be used. How do I get the word count using randomtest and is there any other recommendable way to do it without randomtest.
P.S- I mostly use an android phone for my coding cos I am always on the move and my system developed a little problem

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When you enter the parameters, run it 100 times and check the “show full text” (or similar) box. At the end it will give you the number of words. Divide by 100 to get your average word count per playthrough

I’m pretty sure CSIDE gives you a word count, but I don’t actually use it myself, and I don’t know if you can use it on a phone


I didn’t know you can use random test like that, that’s so cool.

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It gives both character and word counts.

Just wondering, Why does it have to be 100 times? Does it have to do with how much one would replay the game? Or am I just a dense mofo?

Randomtest gives you tge average playthrough length, not the wordcount.

The 100 (or 10 will do too) are just for easier math

There is a method to find the wordcount if you dont have cside, but that’s console-command stuff i stay away from as one wrong thing can kill your comp

As MeltingPenguins said, it’s for easier math as well as the fact that the default count for randomtest is 10000. Easier to erase two zeroes than use another number. But obviously as long as you divide by the number of times you run randomtest you can get the average

@MeltingPenguins - does random test not include the code in that count then? To rephrase, is that the distinction you’re trying to make between average playthrough length and average word count per playthrough?

average playthrough length and average word count per playthrough are the same: Randomtext ‘plays’ the game and says how many words the player will see. so, no code, but only what the player sees.

for example: @malinryden gives the total wordcount and the average playthrough count on the Fallen Hero 2 thread. 250k-something iirc total 40k per playthrough or such.

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Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying that

@sviyagin Thanks, it worked

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