Word counter question

I am curious as to how ‘long’ my WIP is in terms of word count, but if I just put it into a word count machine on the internet, it would end up counting all my *if’s *choice’s and *goto’s. Is there a way to have a word-counting machine exclude certain words and not count them?

Run randomtest with 1 iteration and it will give you the text with little code as output. Drop that in a word processor, and you can see the codeless word count.


Of course, this only gives me the wordcount for one branch. It might happen to randomly have more or less of my various vingettes or get stuck in a looped scene for a while, but it’s a good quick test, thanks for the idea.

You can also run 1 iteration of randomtest making sure you click “show full text (or something)” which automatically gives you a word count for the playthrough.

edit: the box you need to tick is [Show full text during game] then at the end it gives you the word count. I always run it ten indiviual times (seeds 0 -9) and its always interesting data.

For example my ten tests show the following word counts for Unnatural.

62,852 words
56,866 words
44,045 words
60,247 words
48,076 words
62,852 words
54,453 words
47,170 words
73,382 words
70,939 words