CS feature request? WordCounter

I know that programs like CSIDE can do this, but would it be possible for quick- or randomtest to not just provide the average play through length, but also the wordcount without code?


Grand idea.

If you’re on a Mac, you should be able to do something like

grep -v “*” *.txt | wc

which looks for all lines that don’t contain a code-indicating ‘*’ in files that end in .txt, and pipes the result to the word count utility. (I’m sure I’m missing some corner cases, but it beats trying to patch the test programs.)

One false thing in that console and you’ll wipe everything.

Also I am asking for such feature to make things more accessible to beginners (that 1. Dont use cside and/or two aren’t on mac)

Hmm, well, my experience has been that CoG is a bit reluctant to change the testing programs unless it’s absolutely necessary, but YMMV. It would probably be a minor change to quicktest, and a kind of awkward fit for randomtest since it doesn’t go through the whole file methodically. It’s also pretty easy to code as a standalone tool - what I did above would probably work as a one-line script, or somebody could code it in their favorite non-ChoiceScript language.

Seeing it is in CSIDE to my knowledge someone did or similar.

But again, it’d be nice to have it for people who dont use cside etc.

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