How to calculate words/playthrough?

Well guys, I’ve seen lots of games and WIPs mention average words per playthough. Is there any easy way to calculate that? Thanks in advance!


Use RandomTest. It’s similar to Quicktest, but gives words per playthru.


Hmm. I don’t think it shows words/playthrough in CSIDE’s RandomTest. I looked, and I’m not seeing anything like that. Thanks for your help!

It does. Click on “show all text” when you run it, and then divide total words by the number of iterations you’re running.


Although if you’re running CSIDE, just use CSIDE’s word count: Right-click your project header -> Review -> Word Count.

EDIT: Ignore me. This isn’t useful for average playthrough.


That will only give you the total word count (with or without command lines), not the average word count per play-through, no?


Correct! Apologies, appears I didn’t read the original question properly :speak_no_evil:


I remember have done it with the randomtest.bat running thousands of iterations on several runs and outputting all to text to then divide the total word count by the number of iterations before @Sargent made the modified version of the program in which you can filter only the stats you want.
But that method is way too clumsy for my liking. I don’t know how to do it but I think that it’s possible to modify the program to count the words of each play-through.

If I remember correctly it was roughly 1/5 of total word count for my project at that time, though a lot of it has changed today, and it probably doesn’t work for everyone the same.

It would be a nice tool to have, and if I knew how to program I’d be happy to do it myself, sadly I don’t know so that’s all I can help with.