Development tools question

What are the best tools to use for someone who’s not very good at coding? Also is there a tool that lets me see what the WIP will look like as I’m creating it? For example being able to see where my branches go as I make them.

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I believe, [Chronicler] suits your taste.
Try finding it via the forum search.


Thanks, I will check it out later.

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Chronicler is definitely a good resource. You can also try CSIDE (seaside); it has a lot of helpful features that you might find useful, like auto-indent, highlighting correct commands, an included tutorial, integrated Quicktest and Randomtest, and the ability to click a button and see how your game will look right away.


The ChoiceScriptDev Wiki has an overview of the various options on its Development Tools page, including related useful links. It might be worth a peek.


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