How Do You Create Multiple Books at Once?

I just started writing a story, and I came up with an idea for another one. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make a second book while I’m writing the first one. Can anyone help me with that?

edit: I’m trying to make a file for a second book, but I don’t know how. It’s a technical issue, and I’m not good with computers.

Are you looking for organizational tips or technical assistance?

My best suggestion is: don’t. This usually happens, but if you give in to it you’ll be in the same boat a couple months later when you come up with yet another idea. Don’t try to write more than one story at a time, especially if you have yet to complete one at all. If you’re absolutely sure this new idea is better, put the old book to the side entirely so your attention isn’t split.


A previous conversation has covered this topic before. It may provide some insight to your question. :slight_smile:


Technical issue. I’m not sure how to even make a second book while the first one is still in the files. Is it a coding thing? Do I need to install a second set of files to make room for the next book?

I just download ChoiceScript again when I am looking to begin a new project. I believe that, if you are using CSIDE, though, you can arrange it so you can work on multiple “books” at one time.


I appreciate that, but this wasn’t the help I was looking for. I should’ve been more clear and stated that I didn’t know how to make a file for a second book.

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Ah, gotcha. I recommend using CSIDE since it makes it easy to switch between the files for different projects, and to ‘hide’ ones you are not currently involved with.


As other people have stated, I suggest downloading CSIDE as it makes it super easy to switch through projects among other cool features.


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