Coding for a sequel/second book?

Hey there! I’ve been working on my own little project, and realized I’ll need to split the story into two books.

I’ve seen a lot of stories be split into sequels, but after testing out with the ChoiceScript, I’m not sure how the coding carries onto another stories?

Like, the stats and choices you made from the first book carry onto the next ones. How does one do that?


As far as I know, it’s done with CoG’s saving system, and we can’t really do it without.
If I have understood correctly, it requires all the variables from the first game to be in the sequel as well, and then loading the save file tells the game what those values should be set as.
We can’t do that in testing, so you need to code in a way to do so manually, as you see in the demos for sequels.


Thank you!!! This definitely helped! :slight_smile:

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