How to do the save coding for a finished game?

Search only brought forth threads about coding savepoints or the plug-in on dashingdon.

My question is: how do I actually code saves to carry over to a next game (knowing my thing will have a sequel)
I know of the *save_game and *restore_game commands, but how to use them?

and is it possible to convert variables from game 1 into a new variable in game 2?
Game 1 has variables for cunning and convincing which should become a combined ‘cunning’ in game 2.
Would that be possible?
Likewise splitting one variable into two or more?

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We insert it ourselves, because it’s reliant on our servers. Generally I strongly recommend that it not be inserted until the sequel is significantly done, because I routinely see variables added to the first game to carry more over for the sequel.


thanks :smiley: