How do you make a sequel?

How do you actually make a sequel? There seem to be a few games on the site that have sequels but I don’t understand how you’d go about taking the stats and information from one game and loading it onto another.

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You set your variables up at the beginning and use a saved game (done through CoG) to import the existing variable values or you set up a kind of questionnaire or survey to determine the values.

I’d suggest looking at Cataphrak’s Infiniti series, JimD’s Zombie Exodus series and the Samuri series by MultipleChoice for examples of how it is done.


Yes, but I’m not sure how you’d set the game up at the beginning so that variables from a previous game can be imported. Does COG have to do that?

You define them as the same as they were in the first game.

Perhaps I am not understanding your query - so maybe a more experienced coder can help further.

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Copy the old variables and paste them then the old data sticks to the old variables via the save game and anything new will have its own new variable.

What I’m saying is the old variables have to physically exist in the new game to carry over


Sorry, I don’t think I’m explaining the question very well. I understand that with a sequel, the game would need to have all the variables from the previous game. What I don’t understand is how, at the start of the sequel, do you give the player the option to import information from a previous game?

Is this something that whoever makes the games does or is this something that only COG can do?


A good question indeed.

By the way, just to satisfy my curiosity, is it possible to import the variables of two or more games at once? And I am not saying from two games directly connected (e.g. Sabres and Guns of Infinity), I am talking about two different games that might share the same universe (e.g. the two Zombie Exodus)? Just curious.

Only CoG can do it, and only if they’ve given people the option to save their info from a previous game on the CoG server. (Which they only do for games with sequels)


Meaning that if a sequel isn’t planed, there is no chance to make it (unless the saving option gets added in some update, I guess)?

When you submit a sequel for publication, we can issue a patch for an earlier game that can make saves.

Too many games with proposed sequels never happen. Implementing the saves, therefore, causes us far too much grief.


Thank you! I was wondering why I couldn’t find a tutorial on how to do it. :yum:

I’m curious, though.
Is there any game out there that have this “import save” system?

Guinevere has a way to save your place at key points in the story, but you’d have to ask @jeantown how it works.