Sequel and Stats

I’m asking this purely because I wanted to check on something, and this issue came to my mind.

For those who have done sequels or know anything about it, how do you do the stats and bring over the saved games to test it? Or do you just test it like a standalone game or something?


Load game load all the stats from previous games whether or not those are important to the sequel.

Part of me thinks I know what you’re talking about, the other part is having that blank but interested stare. :sweat_smile:


I might be wrong, but what I remember from testing Guns of Infinity is the writer needs to send the final version to HoG and when they uploaded the games into their serves, the beta testers could use their save to test the game.

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Alright, so I probably just need to treat it like a standoff game. Alright thank you!

Actually, CoG makes the savegames for you. They put it in place when you submit the sequel to your story.


Hmm… I assume the *temp stats (especially from the final scene) won’t be saved :thinking:

But do the author still have to *create the important imported variables?

I mean, *temp variables by definition are never saved. All the variables that you *create will be included in the savegame.

@Szaal & @Samuel_H_Young: More specifically, a sequel needs to *create all the stats in the previous game (no renaming, no tweaking, and no skipping, although you can of course add to them). When the game is loaded, all variables are set to what they were from the save game state.