All endings are true endings for a sequel, sound like a good idea?

All multiple endings are true and will result in alternate beginnings
The project I’m working on is the first in a series, probably, about five. Anyways, rather than have one true ending, every possible ending will have a continuation in the sequel. When you finish the game, you are presented with a code/PIN along with some stats you’ll need to write down (level, gold, etc.). When the sequel comes around, you’ll simply input the code/PIN and the stats you wrote down and start from there.

Obviously, the only flaw is that you’ll have to play the first installment regardless.
So what do you think?

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As a player that sounds awesome but it will probably be a pain to code. So if you can pull it off kudos to you!


Most series-format CoG/HG games have the ability to save games/worldstates after finishing an installment. I don’t know the details of it, but is there a reason that wouldn’t be able to work with what you’re planning? It’d probably be preferable to re-inputting stats each game

I think players would enjoy that a lot, but it would it be too daunting as a writer/coder? How different are each ending that you’re planning that each game will have to start entirely differently to accommodate it? It sounds fun for your audience, but like a good way for you to get burnt out of writing the games. There’s a happy medium between a completely separate ending from the rest and an identical one. I guess it depends on what you mean when you say “every possible ending,” how many possible endings there are and how different each ending would be from another

Taking Evertree Inn as an example of a game that has multiple endings–the story stops at about the same place, but different carry-overs such as what companion you have with you or how you resolved the main conflict make for different endings to the story. Do you mean something like that, or more like the way the first Choice of the Deathless ends–where depending on your choices, your character is in vastly different situations. That game doesn’t have a direct sequel so it doesn’t matter to the writer, but do you mean that sort of variation in endings that you’ll then write into the MC’s situation in the next game?


As @HomingPidgeon stated, CoG/HG already have a built-in save importing feature that can be activated upon writer’s request, if I’m not mistaken.

But I’m yet to try any titles that have such feature, tho.

Well there are the Lost Heir games which have this feature in #1 & #2. And they are great.

Ex: At the end of LH1 you can decide to go to 4 (if I’m not mistaken) different places and that’s where you start LH2. In LH2 you can lose a battle and end up in a dungeon but you can also win said battle and start LH3 in your own keep.

Yeah lost Heir pulls this off really well. It really give a lot of variety to the game.

If you can pull it off without getting discouraged, it would certainly make the game great. And yes, I recommend using the save system inbuilt in Choice of Games software, the games that use that are great at sequels.

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