Advantages of ChoiceScript VS. Notepad++ or INKY

What are the advantages of using the ChoiceScript over other scripts such as Notepad++ or INK\INKY?
Thanks in advance to all replies.

I can’t tell for INKY (since I don’t know what it is :stuck_out_tongue:), but I can tell you that ChoiceScript and Notepad++ is not a pair that can be compared.

You see, ChoiceScript is a coding language while Notepad++ is a program.


What no love for CSIDE? [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)


The OP didn’t ask CSide, tho :"
And no love until the custom highlight and folding update is dropped!


And maybe even a way to find/calculate possible mins, maxs, and frequencies of a stat!

Hopefully, I always go over 100 on my percent and below 0.

Or at least when I make tr game too easy!

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By Notepad\Notepad++ I mean BATCH\Bat. Its an old school program which has made some pretty interesting game, I doubt its better than ChoiceScript, but was worth asking.
Thanks for input!

Sort of related, but if you use Notepad++ here is the custom language file I have built for use in coding CS:

  1. Save the file somewhere on your computer
  2. Go to Language > Define your language... in Notepad++
  3. Click Import and select the ChoiceScript.xml file from where you saved it
  4. Select the ChoiceScript entry in the User Language: dropbox
  5. Click Save As... and name the entry ChoiceScript
  6. Now open a .txt file with ChoiceScript code in it
  7. Go to Language > ChoiceScript (the entry will be at the very bottom)
  8. You’ll have to select the language every time you open a new file but oh well
  9. Profit!

Isn’t Batch basically command-line scripting? You can write games in that?? Could you give any examples?

Since the stats file doesn’t actually change variables, you can add something like this at the beginning:

*if (variable>=100)
     *set variable 100

That way your bars never go over, yet you still maintain the actual number in the variable. :slight_smile:


Batch is used to make choice games, its pretty old school.

Ex) (You have to put this into Notepad and save it with .bat at the very end Ex.)Kingdom.bat)
@echo off
title Mage Quest
echo Mage Guild
echo Enter Name
set /p name=
set pick=7
goto start
set /a pick=%pick% -1
set lvl=1
set armor=0
set /a ac=(10 +((%lvl% /2) +%armor%))
set setscore=%pick% +10
echo What will your %pick%th highest stat be?
echo 1 Strength
echo 2 Constitution
echo 3 Dexterity
echo 4 Intelligence
echo 5 Wisdom
echo 6 Charisma
set /p chsc=choice1~6
if %chsc%==1 set /a str=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %chsc%==2 set /a con=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %chsc%==3 set /a dex=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %chsc%==4 set /a int=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %chsc%==5 set /a wis=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %chsc%==6 set /a cha=(%setscore% +(%lvl% /2))
if %pick%==0 goto charstats
if %pick%==0 cls
goto start
echo %name%
echo Strength %str%
echo Chomstitution %con%
echo Dexterity %dex%
echo Intelligence %int%
echo Wisdom %wis%
echo Charisma %cha%
echo AC %ac%