*if gay/Lesbian coding issue

Greetings! Ok. So, I am creating a game where the player gets to choose romance orientation options:

straight, gay, leiban, etc… if they wish, however I am running into a little issue with it. So, when creating a scene, could I have 2 *if option statements? Does that make sense?

For example, something like…

*if (gender=“female”) and (orientation= “women”)
This is where your text goes if gender female and you’re into women.

But I don’t think my code is working quite right… Soo, how do you people do it?


Yes that should be perfectly valid. Could you post your code here between [code][/code] tags?

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Well, that is my code…

Testing Mode.
*if (gender=“female”) and (orientation= “women”)
Game in testing mode.

But if you select the female gender and orientation ‘women’, and I code ‘goto_scene that scene’ it just goes to Testing mode (which would happen if you were male), not the Game in testing mode… So I must be doing something wrong?

Testing Mode.
*if (gender=“female”) and (orientation= “women”)
    Game in testing mode.

You need to indent it, as above. Those quotes also look like “smart” quotes. You’re not coding in a Word Processor are you?

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I am using Word Processor, yes, and it is indented.

Try this: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Works much better for ChoiceScript.

There’s also CSIDE: [CSIDE] The ChoiceScript IDE (v1.3.0 Now Available — 18/06/2019)

Which is wonderful and awesome and I just realized CJW wrote it, LOL


Word Processor’s insert a lot of weird characters that don’t play nicely with ChoiceScript, avoid them at all costs. Use one of @Delliot’s suggestions or any other “text editor” (as opposed to a “Word Processor”).

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Hmmm… Okay! I just realized that I was using the old, original Notepad, but I’ll try the Notepad++., thanks guys! Hopefully this helps, we’ll see…


Those are all Greatttttt, but I am more familiar with the work of original Notepad. I don’t know how to use the others :thinking:

The original Notepad will work fine, actually. It won’t introduce any of the errors that programs like Microsoft Word will. The other programs are easier to work with, but the issue with your code is probably not Notepad.

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That was my initial complaint too, but after getting used to notepad ++, I found it drastically much better.

Recently I taken up CSIDE which is admittedly a bit counter productive with the layout, but is also much better for a whole host of reasons. Including, indenting, spell check, a testing system, saving multiple files, and that’s just for starters.


Could I use goto labels?

so if I labeled the *if (gender=“female”) and (orientation= “women”)
Game in testing mode.

*goto label lesbian prologue03

or something… ?

You should be able to. I know that one works for a fact, because I did that for my own WIP.

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Ooohhhh ok, that might help actually =)

Errrmm… Okay.

SPref line 13: Invalid expression at char 15, expected OPERATOR, was: STRING [“Female”]

*set orientation “women”
*if gender “Female” goto lesbianpro1
*goto_scene Pro3

Umm… How do I code that??

*if gender = "Female"
     *if orientation = "Women"
          *goto gaywoman1
     *elseif orientation = "Men"
          *goto straightwoman1
          *goto thirdchoicethatcoversotheroptions
     *if orientation = "Women"
          *goto straightman1
     *elseif orientation = "Men"
          *goto gayman1
          *goto thirdchoicethatcoversotheroptions

I would do it something like that. It will get complicated, but such is life and love.


I will try this out, thanks!!!

Hahaha, Sooo true!!! :joy:

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It kinda works, but it needs a true statement, I think.

Soo, something like

*if orientation = “women” true

Is that how you would code it?

In my experience, you do not need the true. Gender and orientation are text variables here, not true/false.

Send me the files if you want, I’d be happy to check them out. Daniel.elliot at gmail. I’m out at the store right now but will be back in 20.


If I were you I’d use a Boolean variable instead of a string.

You have (gender = "male") but you’ll find it a lot easier to use (gender = true) for male and false for female.


Hidden feature that isn’t in the tutorials:

Your character is a @{gender man|woman} in this game.

The multireplace (@ with curly braces {}) allows you to first choose a true/false variable and then have two options based on whether it’s true or false, separated by a | vertical pipe.

If your character is male, the code above returns “Your character is a man in this game” and if your character is female, it returns “Your character is a woman in this game”.

I only just found out about this and it makes it so much easier to do quick little narrative tweaks.

You can also use it for numbers but it has some weird issues with quicktest so it might be good to stick with Boolean true/false for now.

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