Non-existent variable error, need help

Did so, I’m afraid. It didn’t work.

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Sorry, I mean, can you copy-paste the actual text instead of screen shots? And you’ve tried deleting both lines and re-typing them? You could also try clearing your cache so you’re sure you’re running the latest version of all your files, then, perhaps?

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but do you want the entire code of startup?

Sure? You can always put it under a cut with [details=startup] [/details]. (I’m sure I’m the one who sounds stupid, fishing about for a solution to a very odd error with you all, so I wouldn’t worry about sounding silly or anything. ;p )

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Brace yourself.

*create name “Unknown”
*create class “Unknown”
*create house “Unknown”
*create gender “male”
*create he “he”
*create gender “female”
*create him “him”
*create his “his”
*create man “man”
*create sir “sir”
*create mr “Mr.”
*create dalkan_relationship 30
*create zerphis_relationship 20
*create archers 0
*create huscarls 0
*create knights 0
*create mages 0
*create emperor_relationship 10
*create qolen_relationship 30
*create elena_relationship 10
*create tasal_relationship 10
*create william_relationship 30
*create aeyron_relationship 20
*create enzo_relationship 10
*create tars_relationship 20
*create renown 5
*create gold 0
*create titanium_sword false
*create knight “Knight: You rely on your strength, on your mount and value honor above all.”
*create hunter “Hunter: You rely on your sharp eye and settle most of the deals with a well placed arrow.”
*create assassin “Assassin: You rely on your agility and use intrigue to solve matters.”
*create mage “Mage: You rely on your wisdom and use spells to balance the odds.”
*create warhawk “Warhawk: You rely on your ironflesh, you settle deals with violence and have a bad temper.”
*create deathbringer “Deathbringer: You rely on dark magic and willpower, intimidation ensures that you’re always safe.”
*create mercenary “Mercenary Captain: You rely on your men and place their needs above all, you use leadership.”
*create scholar “Scholar: You rely on your intelligence, you prefer to settle deals with diplomacy.”
*create men_preference false
*create both false
*create none false
*create women_preference false
*create inspired_troops false
*create claim false
*create ladders false
*create iron_sword false
*create iron_armor false
*create horse false
*create bow false
*create leather_armor false
*create assassin_robes false
*create throwing_knives false
*create dagger false
*create magical_staff false
*create war false
*create warfavor 10
*create magical_robes false
*create magical_spellbook false
*create iron_warhammer false
*create aeyron_alliance false
*create hardened_iron false
*create death_bringer false
*create iron_greatsword false
*create iron_pike false
*create book false
*create shortsword false
*create slace_armor false
*create mastercraft_bow false
*create mastercraft_sword false
*create owner_info false
*create vassal false
*create knights 0
*create huscarls 0
*create archers 0
*create mages 0
*create leadership 30
*create strength 30
*create willpower 30
*create intelligence 30
*create agility 30
*create magic 30
*create perception 30
*create endurance 30
*create health 100
*create armor 0
*achievement first_blood visible 10 First Blood
You slew the great beast by taking the minimal damage possible!
*achievement zerphis visible 20 Friends In High Places
Zerphis, the divine of hate thinks highly of you!
*achievement battle visible 20 A Commando
Win the battle for Castle Hearth!
*achievement william visible 10 Romance: William
Start a romance with William Rivaldog.
*achievement sword visible 20 The Sword Of Justice
Purchase a legendary sword, “The Eclipse”.
*achievement enzo visible 10 Strength Of Will
Meet Enzo Fransez, a soulguard.
*achievement tasal visible 20 Best Friends
Befriend Tasal Masaji.
*achievement bigbattle visible 30 The Challenger
In the battle at the ruins of the Forgotten, challenge 2 lords in battle and win!
*achievement fighter visible 30 Champion Of The Realm
Win the tournament of the realm.
*achievement aeyron visible 30 Through Unity, There is power
Befriend the Aeyron bloodline.
*achievement duelmaster visible 10 Duel of the century
Have a duel with the furious blademaster in the enemy camp.
*achievement ally visible 40 A Leader
Unite every region to fight against the Emperor.
*achievement legend visible 50 A Legend
Defeat the Emperor and his forces.
Edit: You asked for it.

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Well, I’ve no idea what your problem is, but you don’t need to create gender twice…


Every genius is crazy in a way.


Also you’ll want to indent the achievement texts or you’ll have an error, like so:

So, I threw your code into CSIDE and typed up the snippet from your main scene, like so:

And it worked perfectly.

Are you running the game in a browser when you get the error?

By the way, do you get this error runnning quicktest/randomtest or playing through the game? Apparently quicktest can give weird errors even if it is fine.

(Aaand ninja’d by @Fiogan once again! Haha!)


Welp, I just click “index” and off with you.
(Yes, I use firefox).

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Try saving all your files, closing all your files, opening up a private browser window, and running your game? I can’t help wondering if, for some reason, it’s reading an older version of the startup file.

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Yeah, did some messing around, looks like *selectable_if is not the problem here. The game, for some reason, doesn’t want to see owner_info as a variable.

If clearing your cache doesn’t work, I would suggest deconstructing the choice, maybe making it a *goto or to a fresh label, and putting the stat changes in there. At this point, it may just work.

((not gosub that’s dumb))

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Worked, closed all files and did everything you asked.
You’re the best. <3


@N1GHTMAR3 woah. What program are you doing your writing in? It’s not programmer’s notepad, is it? If it is, how do you get it to color commands? I thought you can only do that with supported languages.

I have the same problem, but your solution did not work for me. saved+closed+private window (also deleted the cache).

It’s a temp variable called antler_length

*temp antler_legnth 0
*comment antler legnth based on this
*image images/header1.svg
You watched as Maelyn got... a whole bunch of text

and, several hundred lines later,

*label alpha
and your..
*set Mylist Mylist & ("^" & {antler_length})
 #pale skin
  *set Mylist Mylist & "^pale"
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I think it might be a typo in the first ‘antler_length’; the ‘g’ and the ‘n’ are transposed.


I’ll signify your typo so it will embarrass you more :smiling_imp:

About the program that can do syntax highlighting, it’s Notepad++
Yes. It can highlight CScript codes (you can create custom lang for it). Heck, it pretty much highlight everything and the program can be modified to the ground.

Or just use CSIDE. It’s basically Notepad++ built specifically for CScript.

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Nope, it’s choicescript IDE, the web version.
Edit: I’m using choicescript IDE currently, but I think you were remarking about the notepad++, sorry got confused there.

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@Fiogan @Szaal wow… after fixing 30 crazy complicated bugs by myself, I can’t learn to spell.
shakes head
Thanks for the help. My brain wasn’t working today… I mean yesterday. It’s not working today either…