External/3rd Party Software

Is there any 3rd party software (or official software) for development of Choice Script stories? Or anything that helps out layout and planning, currently I’m just using mindmap software

there’ll be these:


Are these two softwares compatible? I am assuming there will be folder location fiddling, but can I swap between them? I really, really like Cside, but am interested interested in some of Chronicler’s features as they are advertised,

I think (don’t use them myself) but they work via the txt files. So… it should be possible to have use them both?
Ask in the threads though, more likely to get an answer there.

In the end you are still likely to pick one or the other to proceed. Cannot think of anyone who did both simultaneously.


I like to use Twine to plan.


Seeing my little story become a sprawling monster feels great.
If you feel like using it for more than just planning, you can even make a whole CYOA game in twine (coding and everything!).

EDIT: I use it to plan choices, scenes, and beats. If you want something to help you plan for stat balancing purposes, twine might not be that great.

I’m not really into that, honestly: Planning at Twine and writing in CScript. It feels double the work for nothing.

As for stat balancing there’s nothing such as “tool or 3rd party software” for that. It’s pure mathematical statistics and trial and error to find that sweetspot for that conditional checks.

But desmos.com/calculator is a great graphing site, just saying.