[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor


Ahh, so even though the green startup bubble doesn’t have text, if it has no output, it is granted a *finish? Interesting. :slight_smile:

Also - I cannot reproduce this and I’m not entirely sure HOW it happened, but I was going back and forth between the program, browsing the web, and other things on the PC, only to come back to Chronicler and see that every link I had created had vanished.

It only happened once, though, so I don’t have any clue what might have caused it. :frowning:


  • Allow conditional bubbles to have multiple if statements within it - or - a new bubble-type that can have separate if statements, doesn’t require a false link (because it will simply go to the next statement underneath it), but then is required to be completed with an *else.

I have a scene that I want to use for ALL of my gosubs (for organizational purposes). Currently, I have to create an *if True, then it links to that sub_scene, but if false, then it links to another if statement, which then does the same for the ‘next’ sub_scene check. Each time I add a new subscene to it, I then have to unlink the ending *else *return, then relink it after the newer *if statement for another sub_scene — if this makes any sense at all?

If there were a bubble that wasn’t a “choice” bubble, but simply required multiple *ifs and ended with an *else, we could simply add a bunch of those ifs, link to those proper bubbles, and be done with it.


Thanks for the response, btw!


@Necromateur That’s a good suggestion. I haven’t been happy with the way condition bubbles work. So making them like choice bubbles is a great idea! I’ll add it to my todo list.

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Hello, thank you so much for developing Chronicler, it makes coding so much easier and has really motivated me to keep working on my project. :slight_smile: I was just wondering–is there a way to use the *disable_reuse command in a choice bubble, or is that something that will have to be coded in a code bubble? Just thought I would check–thank you!


@rinari Indeed there is! It appears that I didn’t include it in the automatic code completion, but you should be able to simply type it in the textbox of the relevant choice. The sytax looks like this:

Where you must be sure to include the hashtag character before the choice text. This is something I need to add to the manual as I completely forgot it was a feature. I do apologize.

I’m glad Chronicler has been able to help you! There’s some big changes planned that I’m excited to announce, but I need need a bit more time to finalize them before sharing.


Ah, thank you! It was the hashtag that I was forgetting, doy! :sweat_smile: It works like a charm now, thank you so much! Excited to hear about the changes to Chronicler when you’re ready to unveil them, but for now I really do love it the way it is! :slight_smile:

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Alright folks, I’ve came up with the first mockup design of the Chronicler 2.0 interface!
Obviously colors and shapes need some work, but let me know what other kinds of improvements could be made.
The icons next to the Story, Choice, etc. tools will be their respective icons in the current version (Illustrator just really didn’t like vectorizing them).

For the new design I’m really trying to go for quick navigation, and an interface that resembles how your game will look while you are editing it.

As for additional features that are difficult to present visually or are missing from the mockup:

  • There will be links to parent nodes that connect to the current one.
  • Choices that aren’t yet connected will have a + icon to allow you to add a new node or link to an existing one.
    • Similarly, conditional statements will allow you to embed actions or link to new/existing nodes.
    • These icons can be clicked on to open them in the current tab, or shift+click to open in a new tab.
  • Easily customizable themes for the interface written in CSS.
  • A new CS compiler/interpreter will allow for on-the-fly interpretation of your game. This means that Chronicler will be able to simulate the routes taken to get to the currently selected node, and can provide you with the combinations of variables. (No more manual guessing in the “debug bubbles”).
  • More and better keyboard shortcuts. (F5 to debug and Ctrl+F5 to start the game from the beginning for example)

  • Perhaps the most controversial change is that the flowchart view will no longer be editable (or at least not to the extent that it is currently). Instead it will be automatically generated based on the connections in the nodes. You will be able to scroll around and navigate using either the mouse or keyboard, and can quickly zoom in to edit bubbles and zoom back out to see the big picture.
    For keyboard navigation, it will be mainly based on the arrow keys. The down arrow will go to the first child, the left and right arrows will cycle through children, the up arrow will go back to the parent node. The Ctrl and Shift keys will be to zoom in and out, and the enter and/or tab keys will enter the highlighted node for editing. While editing a node, the esc key will take you back to the flowchart view.

How will this be accomplished? Well, I haven’t fully made up my mind yet, but I’m leaning heavily towards Electron which is essentially a way to make web apps into native desktop apps. This will give me all the glorious powers of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, not to mention all the tools and libraries that come with those technologies. This will greatly speed up UI development which has been the most time consuming thing to do with Qt. Going the Electron route also means that I will no longer have to rely on others for generating the Mac builds, and automatic updating will be a builtin feature.

For the new CS interpreter, https://pegjs.org/ looks like a very promising scanner/parser generator for JavaScript.

Another issue with Qt is that the version of it I am running is now deprecated. Many things have been changed in the latest version, and it would take a significant amount of time to update my existing code to work with these changes. In fact, this issue has caused problems with the Mac version of Chronicler.

Let me know what you think about the new interface. Suggestions and criticism are most welcome!


I’m sorry to be a downer, (and I’m not sure if it’s an issue with my computer) but the program seems to be full of bugs.

The label thing on the top of the bubble doesn’t seem to work, so I ended up using code bubbles for all my labels.

Random ‘goto’ functions appeared, even though there was no link between the two bubbles and I hadn’t added a ‘goto’ myself, leaving chunks of the story unread. I’ve spent hours trying to figure out how to remove it within the program without heading straight to the code and removing it. It’s incredibly frustrating. (and I still haven’t figured it out.) If I edit the code using notepad++ and then try to import the thing in, the game doesn’t even run.

Is my version outdated or something? It’s

I was really excited about this program. I’m kind of disappointed…


@orzazel You’re not being a downer. :wink:
However I can’t provide much support without seeing your project file. I can take a stab at guessing though.

  1. The labels on top of bubbles are only generated if more than one connection leads into them.
    (I’m aware that this causes issues with manual goto statements.)
  2. I’m not certain what could cause the random goto’s…

Essentially the way Chronicler works currently is that it requires you to use the link tool for all connections. I know this can get frustrating when bubbles are particularly far apart. Also, every bubble in the scene must be connected leading all the way back up to the start bubble.

Just remember that Chronicler is still in Alpha state, and I am aware of several bugs. Some of the bugs are not necessarily bugs, but confusing design implementations from the users perspective. Fixing some things breaks others… I’m only a single person, but I’m working as hard as I can when I’m free from other obligations. :slight_smile:

Finally, ChoiceScript is a very obtuse language, and therefore difficult to parse. Hence why complex projects may not import correctly.

Having said all that, I’ve started work on Chronicler 2.0 see this post where I get more into the details. I believe the new interface will take care of all the issues you mentioned as well as being far more user friendly and less buggy. I’m also planning on writing an actual ChoiceScript compiler which will make CS export more reliable and should allow for even the most complex projects to be imported. Expect to hear more news regarding development within a month.

If you don’t mind sharing, go ahead and email your .chronx project file to benseawalker@yahoo.com and I can take a look at it.

I apologize for not being able to do more at the moment.


I would suggest, if you think its ok, to make it inverse, f5 to start the game again and ctrl+f5 debug. You know, for that “refresh page” reflex? xD

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@Josetrayamar Or perhaps I could add a settings page that lets the user customize all the shortcuts.

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Well, you should know what you can and cant do with your skills. I am definitely donating some money once I get paid xD


Thank you for answering so quickly.

I managed to find ways around the problems I mentioned eariler thanks to your help, but more issues cropped up. (A lot more issues cropped up).

I think I’ll just stop using Chronicler for now. I love the mindmap/flowchart thing there, but It’s beginning to feel like no matter what I do, something will get bugged. Hopefully the second version will be better.

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@orzazel I’d direct you towards @CJW’s editor, but I don’t think it’s available yet. And the original version was taken down due to Dropbox’s change of policies? I’m not certain, but in either case the latest version seems like it’ll be out before Chronicler 2.0 is.


It would have been out at Christmas, but for life… :frowning:


How do I open the program in linux? I’m using Ubuntu… I downloaded the program, but nothing happens when I click.


Well, same happened to me, even with the libs @BenSeawalker said to install. It was a fresh install of some old ubuntu, 10 I think


Thanks, I’ll see if that works


I downloaded Wine 2.0 instead, so now I can run the Windows executable in Ubuntu. Seems to work just fine.


@AlexMunkachy and @Josetrayamar
Sorry, I’ve been without internet for a couple of days.
On Linux you must right-click on the executable->settings->allow executing the file as a program

It’s a “security” feature so not much I can do about it. This must be done for both Chronicler-Next and Chronicler_Updater.
I should probably add those steps up in the main post. :confused:


This is an awesome program, just a couple of issues though … would be nice if we could export the project in format of apk or something
and + i couldn’t write in Persian, seems to cause crash, if you could fix that too that would be awesome
keep up the good job