Unpacking CS files issue

I understand that much, but I don’t get how to launch and can’t find the run-server.bat

The last part says to double click run-server.bat which looks like run-server

Edit: Did you launch the choicescript server?

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Yes, but where is the run server button? And how do I launch it?

Are you on windows or Mac

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Windows, and I’m actually stupid enough to not know how to launch the choicescript server

Did you find the ”run-server.bat” file? There’s no button, you just double-click it (or click it once and hit enter).

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There’s a file?!?! That’s even more confusing, I’ll try, thanks!

You absolute blessing. I thought it was a button, not a file, bless.

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I’m having trouble with the zip files for Node. I can’t find a button to extract all the files, if that’s what I’m supposed to do.

Right click on the entire “zipped” choicescript folder.
Select “extract all”

If you’re not getting that option you may need to install a windows file zipping application.


Oh man. I downloaded Node, Firefox, the choice script and now this?

Keep in mind, you don’t have to set up a “virtual” server to playtest your game. The deal is, however, you’d have to get through a window where CS asks you to “upload” your game every time you restart the game.

All these terms don’t mean that you need online connection to playtest your game, for context.

Speaking of which, do you have an archive-manager program? The likes of Winzip, WinRAR, or 7zip. If you don’t, you have to get them to extract the CS .zip file.

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WinRAR will do the job for that file zipping app.

Weird… I am pretty sure Microsoft had given the Explorer the ability to unzip files like they were simply folders by the Win7. Maybe I’m wrong?

That’s right, Windows can open .zip files on its own. Not .rar files though, you still need a program for those.

On an unrelated note, this thread sure makes me glad that I use the Choicescript IDE. So much less hassle!


Okay, so I ran the file, and some little black screen popped up. What now?

That little window should automatically open your game in your default web browser. In addition that little window also shows URL to your game, so you can enter it in browser manually if it doesn’t open for some reason.

Open your game? I thought it opened the stuff I use to make the game…do I code in the black box?

I’m afraid there’s a miscommunication taking place, let me try to clarify some things:

CS game code resides in scenes - plain text files (.txt) that are located in “\web\mygame\scenes”. There you can create/modify your game code and prose with a text editor. Batch files (the ones that start a black window) are used to run your game or automated testing tools.

You can find further info on basic coding in a tutorial created by CoG:

I would also agree with @Myrtle about CSIDE in this case. It’s a program that takes all of CS aspects and encapsulates them into single environment. Now you don’t need a separate text editor or web browser, it’s all in one place and with an intuitive user interface to boot. Give it a try!