Unpacking CS files issue

Open your game? I thought it opened the stuff I use to make the game…do I code in the black box?

I’m afraid there’s a miscommunication taking place, let me try to clarify some things:

CS game code resides in scenes - plain text files (.txt) that are located in “\web\mygame\scenes”. There you can create/modify your game code and prose with a text editor. Batch files (the ones that start a black window) are used to run your game or automated testing tools.

You can find further info on basic coding in a tutorial created by CoG:

I would also agree with @Myrtle about CSIDE in this case. It’s a program that takes all of CS aspects and encapsulates them into single environment. Now you don’t need a separate text editor or web browser, it’s all in one place and with an intuitive user interface to boot. Give it a try!