ChoiceScript, Node js, and Powershell

I’m currently trying to download ChoiceScript, and I was wondering if anyone ever had problems (viruses and stuff) with Node or with Powershell (which I get prompted to download after Node finishes).
I’m on windows, if that changes anything

No, no viruses or problems with anything related to choicescript, node, CSIde or anything related to choice of games.since I’ve been here.


Good, I always get nervous when I download something :joy:

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Don’t worry, just make sure to use the corresponding official sources.and you’ll be fine.

Edit: You can always scan your computer with some good free software after installing the stuff you are afraid of. But windows by default is leaking all kinds of things already if you didn’t debloat it and turned off the telemetry, so anyways… there are a lot of things to do in that regard, but that’s not something choicescript, node, or anything that choice of games has anything to do with.

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Could you walk me through this part of installing Choicescript on Windows.

"Once you’ve extracted the zip file, you’ll need to launch the ChoiceScript server.

  • Windows: Double-click on run-server.bat. Windows hides the part of the file name after the dot, so run-server.bat looks like run-server.
    • The first time you run it, Windows will pop up the Windows Defender SmartScreen (“Windows protected your PC”). Click “More Info” and then “Run anyway."

Every time I open the file I get a black window and not the Windows Defender window

Did you try to open your game or to open the quickest or randomtest?
If everything work is because the server is already running. Though I think the server is only to host the game when you open the index.html

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Sorry to bother you, I’m new to this and need some guidance.

The second or maybe the third

I’ll look at the file topic so I can start practicing Choicescript programming

You can find more info in this post, and especially in the link I posted inside that post

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