Using node and opening index.html

Okay, so I’ve just started writing on choice script and… As far as ik, once you change something in the text files, you can check the changes in by ’ run server’, but when I ran it, it showed this

Is there something that I’m doing wrong??
P.s. me dumb :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Can you show more information about what files you’ve changed? What server are you running?..

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Okay so, lemme list out all the stuff I’ve done -

  1. Downloaded node.js
  2. downloaded the zip file and extracted everything
  3. Then, went to scenes in mygame and then to startup, changed the code after all the comments.
  4. Then opened run server
    That’s when this happened
    I’m using sublime as the text editor.

Have you tried opening web/mygame/index.html?

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Nope, is that how you’re supposed to do it?

Try it and see what it does…

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Okay, so it tells me to choose a file and um… I’m supposed to choose a file from the scenes I believe?
I can’t do that apparently…

You can check the forum, there’s a lot of people that ran at the same problem.

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Anyways, thanks a lot for your help :pleading_face::heart::heart:

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Open in firefox.
(If that doesn’t work, contact the email listed on the error.)

If you use the index file, you need to upload the entire scenes folder whenever you use it. (More of a pain but also works.) If you have any images you’ll need to upload the entire “mygame” folder. If your text files have been saved elsewhere, neither of these options will work.

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